So you think you can’t draw! Try again.

Many folks are defeated by the idea of drawing even before they start. Little do they know that they are missing out on one of the largest pastime in the world. There is a good reason why many people pursue the art of painting and drawing and it does not always stem from ability.

In my opinion, many people young or old do drawing because it is fun and extremely rewarding. The benefits to a healthy mind cannot be underestimated. Anyone who engages in a piece of drawing finds themselves lost in the moment with an enormous sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself!

Now you can with the new drawing tool called Paintology.

Paintology challenges you to rethink about your idea of drawing. Many people are defeated even before they start and it’s no wonder that people get the shakes as soon as they pick up a pencil. Don’t worry, even artists go through the same feeling. But the difference is that the artist likes to go to the unknown and is not affected by what can be done or not done, they simply do it.

If you want to get over this hurdle that has kept you from this domain that brings such self-satisfaction, you should try the strokes tutorial by Paintology. This new approach to drawing cannot be found anywhere else as it is an exclusive development to Paintology (patent pending). Here is the video tutorial to get you started. You will need the Paintology app for this tutorial.

Strokes Tutorial (patent pending) by Paintology

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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