Help Brief – Paintology App

We are delighted that you have downloaded Paintology and having great fun playing with this app! This site has been designed to help you get up to speed quickly with the app from the many instructions and courses as well as information on how to get the most out of the app. We understand that some users will have some issues related to the app and we are here to help!

You are new and just looking to get the best out of the app
We encourage you to get the best out of the app. So please take some time to view some of the online courses designed for beginners and advanced people alike so that you are totally familiar with the essential tools of the app. Even though Paintology has a highly intuitive interface, there is so much to learn and even your home grown art aficionado Fred is still learning!

You have some issues with the app
In this not-so-perfect world some users may have difficulty with the app running on their device such as the smartphone or tablet. You will need to check whether the issues are related to download or installation issues or the app is running awkwardly on your device. Please see below..

“If you’re having problems with downloads, installs, refunds, payments, or Google Play access, please contact Google Play team through the Google Play Help Center and user forum.”

If you are facing other problems related to the app, please contact us through our online form so that we may address the issue. Please tell us what device you are currently running the app and the exact problem that you are facing. The more information you can provide to us the better we can help you.

Help with our online tutorials or general questions
If you have any other queries not related to the app, please use the to let us know how we can help you.

Our goal is to provide the best drawing and painting app in the market and not just stop there, but to continue to provide a top quality service to our most valued users. We would welcome all your suggestions, recommendations and feedback on the Paintology app as well as on this site. Please do tell us what you think by using our form here.

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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