Digital Painting & Drawing – First inroad into the world of digital painting

This is one of the first of digital paintings that I produced on my Samsung Galaxy Note using Samsung’s own proprietary “S Memo” software that comes with the Android device. The S-Memo software tool has a lot of features designed for note taking so their drawing and painting tools are a little sparse.

You only have 4 pen tools and the selection of colors are limited although it does have “pressure sensitivity” which gives another dimension to any drawing providing you know how to use it. I however, did not experiment with this as much since I was a complete beginner in digital painting and wanted to see what the possibilities were. I decided that building an app of my own would overcome some of the limitations of the drawing part of Note as well as other drawing apps. that I found in Google Play. Incredibly, the variation in the quality of the drawing packages were huge and you can literally count on your fingers of the number of apps that were usable.

Coming from a background in web & internet technology it thus propelled me to build an app of my own. This however, is not a painting I did in Paintology but using Samsung’s S-Memo and unless indicated otherwise all the digital paintings you see on this site are all done using Paintology.

This painting took less than 20 mins. to do and you can tell this by the brush strokes. I do have a concept with regards to time when it comes to producing art. Many may think that the longer you spend on a painting that better it will be. My thinking is that “time” is irrelevant when it comes to painting and one cannot judge a painting on the merits of time. There have been works of art with such minimalism and probably took the artist no time at all and they have fetched millions of dollars. What is noteworthy about a painting is the innate feeling that it conjures up in other people when they view it. If it stirs up feelings deep in our souls then surely this painting has merits irrespective of how much time was spent on it.

Hope you enjoy my work and this site and happy painting!


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  1. Very impressive work tuorhghout your blog. I am a senior QE on Photoshop and would be interested in your opinions/ideas about painting within Photoshop. Please contact me at mshaw at adobe dot com. Feel free to delete this post.

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