Digital Painting & Drawing – Mountain Landscape

This painting was done using the Paintology app using the sketch brush style tool. It’s incredible, how quickly you can create the effects using only one brush style. Again, going on the basis of my previous discussion on picking landscape topics for learning to paint, this particular drawing took not time at all. Notice how using the “shade brush” tool for the sky and sticking with a a few simple colors for the mountains we can create fantastic effects such as this.

Don’t be shy about trying any of the brush tools that come with the Paintology app, what you should aim for is to find the kind of effect that you can generate by varying the properties of these brush tools and then apply it to your painting projects. For example, I sometimes use the “shade” tool more than usual on some of my paintings and as a result the other brush tools may get ignored. However, when I go with a fresh mind onto another painting with the aim of creating the effects I want, I end up using the other brush tools. It takes some experience to end up drawing a painting with several brush style tools on the same canvas and my advice would be to keep the “translucency” to the same tonal value of the whole drawing, unless you are deliberately trying to create a specific effect in an area of the painting.

There are great brush tools at your disposal when you start painting but make sure that its not the tools that will dictate to you, but you dictate how the tools will work for you.

Happy Drawing!

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