Draw a color portrait of Will Smith using the Paintology app

Portrait drawing is a huge field and something many artists do using a variety of mediums such as acrylics, pastels, pencils, charcoal etc.

In this example, I am going to show you the method of digital drawing with just your android phone or tablet and using the app called Paintology available from the Google play store. The big advantage of using the digital app over say the traditional method, is the versatility of picking the exact colors and going over any changes as many times as you want. Also, we can vary the brush size instantly. I  believe for any new artists, venturing into the digital medium will help you to develop drawing skills faster than using traditional methods.

With this drawing, I simply used one brush tool called ‘shade’ to make this drawing. Once you master the techniques of this drawing, you will be able to produce any portraits in under an hour.

If you haven’t done so already, please download the free Paintology app from the Google play store from here or the link below…

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