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Latest news from Paintology – Happy July!

We are happy to say that many users are now downloading and installing our Paint by Number app which is a great app for users who want to get into the world of digital drawing and painting without the big learning curve.

Now that most of us have a smartphone or a tablet, we can all get our creative hats on and do drawings just like when we were a kid when it was enthralling and fun. Nowadays, with the constant bombardment of internet news, socializing with friends on social sites, one needs to take some time out. Nothing can be more relaxing than drawing and now with the Paintology app it is even easier to draw than ever before.

You will find that the intuitive interface requires minimum time to get stated and rapidly increases your inert drawing skills that has remained dormant all these years. All the time having fun of course, that was the reason we enjoyed this long forgotten pastime so much when we were young.

Learn drawing rapidly on your phone using the Paintology Paint by Numbers

You can draw on your phone or tablet. You will find many topics of interest along with videos that will help you to develop the drawing skills rapidly and pick up essential skills with the tools to to produce stunning works of art. After all, the developer of the app is an artist himself so who better than to create an app for all those would-be artists who are itching to find a way into this medium that is easy and fun.

Depending on your level of ability and of course your patience, you can start with Paint by Numbers that only have four or five colors and complete the painting in one sitting under 20 minutes or so. You can gradually work through the various subjects and increase your skills and try out the more complex drawings with ten or more colors. Again, you can save your work and come back to it to finish, so there is no hurry. Also, have fun with your drawings by sharing your work with family and friends.

We have many videos associated with some of the drawings, which is super easy to use and allows you to toggle back and forth between the video and your drawing canvas. This can tremendously boost your rate of learning like never before and prove to anyone that you don’t have to be born with skills to be able to draw.

The recent updates to the app includes a category section that is much easier to follow and allows you to pick a drawing that is suited to your skill level and interests. The drawing subjects are organized by ‘easy’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’ as well as subject matter such as cartoons, animals, portraits, landscapes and more. Once you graduate to higher skill level, you may want to try the full version of the Paintology app that includes many other drawing types such as pencil drawing (digital), 3D drawings, connect the dots, photo realistic drawings and more.

Example of another Paint by Nos drawing by Paintology and taking your skills to a higher level

We believe that drawing and painting is a pastime that everyone should do, not because it is fun but it is also good for the mind and health. Now that everyone has a phone and tablet, drawing is not confined to children but is accessible to everyone who has an interest.

We had loads of fun building this Paintology app and continue to improve our apps across the board bringing you an intriguing way to draw and get your creative juices moving again. We would love to hear from you tell us what you think. Please feel free to contact us through Paintology or leave a message on the Google play store reviews.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!

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