Paintology celebrates it’s 8th year anniversary – Drawing capabilities better than ever

With almost 50 iterations of the app to date, we are delighted to announce the 8th year anniversary since the birth of Paintology in 2012.

The Paintology app has amassed a growing population of artists from all levels ranging from beginners to advanced. Digital drawing is no longer confined to illustrators and graphics artists, it is now available to all who are passionate in drawing. There is none of the steep learning curve like other apps and the intuitive interface allows anyone with basic knowledge of drawing to get going.

Pull out your android phone or tablet and head over to the Google play store to download your free copy, link below.

With it’s easy to understand interface, users can immediately start drawing with this app and no experience required. The drawing canvas has now been improved with it’s new grayscale drawing mode, which is important to learning tones. There has never been an app on the market that focuses on your pure drawing skills, after all, this is what we are used to in the traditional drawing methods like pencil/paper, pastels etc. With some of the brush tools you can emulate the traditional drawing styles of drawing such as charcoal, graphite, pastels, watercolors, acrylics and oils.

Unleash your creativity! Focus more on developing your drawings skills rather than being bogged down by technical skills.

With the Community section of the app, you can post, share, like and chat with thousands of other Paintology users.

We think digital drawing should be accessible to anyone and not just people with technical skills.

Here are some useful links, happy painting & drawing!

Google play store link:


Community section of the app:
community section

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