unique methods of portrait drawings - chadwick boseman

Portrait drawing approaches of Chadwick Boseman

You may have read some of the techniques developed on the Paintology app, namely the block coloring method to drawing. This involves making small blocks of color of an underlying image that you want to draw and doing this repeatedly until you complete the drawing. You can find more information from the post below.

Block coloring method to making realistic drawings with Paintology

We will use a combination of line and block method to make some unique drawings of the late actor Chadwick Boseman. Previously, around the time of his passing in 2020, I did a photo realistic drawing of Chadwick using the Paintology pencil drawing method as a tribute to this fine actor.

You can find the tutorial and video below.

A tutorial of a portrait that you can draw on your phone or tablet using the Paintology app.
Video tutorial of the Chadwick Boseman portrait using Paintology (P30 smartphone)

Line & Block Method of Drawing

As mentioned, we will use the unique method of some of the brush tools of the Paintology app to show how creative you can be with your portraits.

Below is the original photo used for this drawing.

Original black and white portrait of Chadwick Boseman used for the drawings

Block Method Art

Block method of portrait drawing of Chadwick Boseman

Line Art Method

Fine line method of portrait drawing with Paintology

Thick Line Art Method

Another method (thick line) to make a Portrait – Paintology app


By picking up interesting brushes and using the Trace method of drawing with Paintology, we can make unique portraits as shown in this post. The original Chadwick Boseman photo portrait was an ideal picture to use various brushes to make unique drawings shown here.

If you want to find out more about the various ways of drawings, please check out the YouTube videos below.

Block method of drawing with Paintology
Pencil drawing method for drawing portraits
Painting original masters using the block method of coloring – Paintology drawing app (google play)
Unique Paint by Numbers drawing with Paintology
The versatility of the Paintology drawing app

We hope you found some unique methods of drawing on the digital medium especially with the Paintology drawing app. For more information regarding these apps, please visit the link below.


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