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When you do Paint by Numbers drawing or painting, always try to think of how you can transfer the skills to your own original artform. After all, you don’t want to be too mechanical and always do actual paint by numbers and not extend these skills to real artworks. When you have this aim in mind, you will find that you are driving yourself to greater creativity and extending beyond the tools like Paint by Numbers.

Over the years, I have done Paint by Numbers painting but continued to expand my skills in other mediums and open my creativity in art. I am therefore quite skilled in drawing and painting and it’s just a matter of applying these skills to art forms that I am passionate about. Read my article on how I embarked on the journey of painting and drawing from the link below.

Getting over the hurdle of painting & drawing

There are many artists who will give their tips on painting & drawing and you can find them by doing a google search or check out YouTube. However, when you look at an advanced artist giving you those helpful tips, it maybe off putting since, you are measuring your skills to their talents. With those artists, feel inspired that you can achieve the level of skills that they have but don’t try to learn from them. It would be difficult for those artists to break down those necessary skills they left behind many years ago to get to the level they are at now.

Try to look for resources that helps you at the level that will really help you and make all those incremental steps that will get you to the long term levels you are looking for. Like any other hobby, if you want to be good at it, you need to commit some time, patience and a determination that you can master it.

Take a look at my recent post on how to apply the notion of incremental improvements to achieve the bigger goals.

Incremental approach to your hobby will lead to bigger results.

Most people will give up their enthusiasm for drawing or painting at an early stage because they are measuring their skills against accomplished artist. Every artist started out as a beginner, every pianist played one key, every athlete began far less than the best athletes, every chef started with one dish…you know what I mean.

On this above point, I wanted talk about another hobby of mine which is salsa dancing. I have been doing this dance for about 20 years and when I started, I was drawn by the music and the form of dancing. Understandably, I was pretty bad at the beginning, but that did not stop me from going to venues 6 days a week. It was only after 2 years of this consistent strive for improvement that I finally made it. Oddly enough, it was not me that was judging my skills, I heard all the compliments from the followers that I danced with. They would tell me how my cross-body lead and turns had improved etc. I have some people who come to me and say how super excited they are with the dance and they go on and on about it but when it comes to their commitment, they fail miserably. This is the nature of many human beings, they want the final reward without too much effort. Sadly, they miss out on the feelings of achievements of people who engage, commit and achieve. You only have to see it in the competitors of the recent 2020 Summer Olympics.

I hope I have provided you with some helpful tips to overcome your barrier for doing something you have longed for. So now go ahead and start doing it!

I recommend that if you are a beginner or advanced traditional artist, you delve into the medium of digital drawing, you will be surprised that with Paintology app, how far you can really go. You will find links below to download the app and embark on your journey to drawing and painting on your phone or tablet.

In this specific Paint by Numbers drawing of the tree landscape, I have designed the master template for you to get comfortable with drawing instead of worrying too much about the exact placement of colors. I have said to many students who want to get into painting, to always start with landscapes. This is because landscapes are very very forgiving, you dont need to draw every leaf as presented in the real life. You can add branches and trunks like the way you want and add the notion of leaves with the manipulation of paints and colors. This give you a great appreciation of colors, depth, perspective and all the necessary skills required in creative painting.

Remember the tools are under your total control and you should understand your tools and make it work for you. If at anytime, you are saying that the paint or the brush does not go in the way want it, then don’t blame the tools, change the way you are doing it or find some other method.

So when you do the actual landscape on your tablet of phone, you can always use the zoom feature and adjust brush size to get the exact placement of the colors in that numbered region. However, this is not the best approach, it will make the whole work a bit cumbersome and so you need to give. That is the beauty of landscape painting where it is very forgiving of the strokes and application of the paint as say compared to a face. I would apply broad colors and not worry about the tiny details. Open up the original completed colored drawing and keep for reference as you do the Paint by Numbers drawing. In this way, you are trying to get close but not exact to the drawing, and you will find that some areas need more attention than others. When you think like this, it will help you get to the free hand mode of painting and drawing where you can really exercise the use of the skills that you have learnt.

I followed the same approach, but in a more instinctive way to be able to take the Paintology app and draw photo realistic drawings. Check out the category of Photo realistic drawings on this site and the link below.

Here is the high resolution (3510 x 2650) master Paint by Numbers template of the green tree landscape.

Created with GIMP

Please read my post to understand how to tackle this painting which you can do directly on your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you can also print it out and use colored pencils or acrylics or any medium of your choice. It will look great framed and on any wall.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!