Photorealistic Drawings

Photo realistic drawing made easy – Learn with Paintology

Photo realism is a much loved art form that has become popular over the last decade. Most of the photo realistic drawings are generally done with traditional materials. You can see many of these types of drawings and paintings from the YouTube channel. Unfortunately, they all require materials that are not easily affordable and the Read More

Draw a realistic eye on your phone!

Drawing realistic eyes are very popular amongst artists Perhaps the eyes hold the window to the world with it’s majestic contrasting colors of the pupils and the eye lashes along with the flesh tones. They are an excellent way to practice drawing In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make this Read More

Draw a 3D letter on your phone!

This easy to do 3D drawing can be done right on your phone using the Paintology drawing app which is available from the Google store! Watch the video to see how it is done below… Once you have opened up the app, use the search ID #10333 in the search screen of the home page. Read More

Realistic Glass Bottles drawing – Paintology #9989

This is an exercise in shading with one brush of the Paintology Drawing App available from the Google play store. Glass is always a great subject to test our realistic drawing techniques. Now that we have digital technology within easy reach, it makes sense to draw with our phones and tablets. The Paintology Drawing App Read More

Draw a colored hibiscus flower – Paintology #9950

The hibiscus flower is trending subject for many artists. This is because the flower has elements that are very attractive to the eye. The long petals and the elongated stem that blossoms to a perforated soft buds. Artists prefer to draw the hibiscus flower in various mediums, including acrylics, watercolors, pencils, pastels and now in Read More

Draw a Bird on a Twig using the Block Coloring Method of Paintology

The block coloring method of drawing is an easy way for artists to get into digital drawing and at the same time make excellent drawings. You can read more about the block coloring method of drawing from a previous post written about this subject. You can apply the method of block coloring to any picture Read More

Create a photo realistic drawing of a sunset on your phone

Sunset paintings and drawings are always popular and many adorn their living room walls with many examples of these artworks. What makes them popular is that it is a bit dreamy since it is the time of the night when people retire to bed or chill. In terms of drawing or painting sunsets, they are Read More

featured diamond drawing

Draw a diamond with block coloring using Paintology #9562

Use the easy and fun block coloring method of drawing with Paintology to do a drawing of this diamond. This drawing can be considered as a photo realistic drawing and you can compare the original with the drawing in Fig.1. Block coloring is a new approach to drawing that allows for the method of drawing Read More

Learn shading | Draw a fruit bowl with Paintology

Drawing fruits especially in grayscale is a great way to learn shading. It has long been a favorite subject of artists who want to improve their drawing and painting skills. The great advantage of drawing a bowl of fruit are the subtle shades of the shadows where the various fruits sit on top of each Read More

thumb water drops

Draw realistic water droplets on your phone!

Water droplets are always an interesting subject to draw and they are not that difficult to do. In this tutorial we are going to make a realistic water droplets drawing using the Paintology drawing app (Google play store). You can find the links to the app and other social sites at the end of the Read More

paintology thumb featured - womans realistic

Draw a Realistic Face of a Woman on your Phone!

Realistic drawing with the Paintology app is not that difficult at all, providing you understand the mechanism of drawing on the digital medium. I am not saying that you need to understand all the digital features of the app since you should be able to transition your drawing or painting skills from one medium to Read More

Paintology block coloring / Easy way to create unique drawings

You will probably have seen some of the recent tutorials and blog posts talking about ‘block coloring’ with the Paintology app. This new method of drawing which is fun and easy to do and is ideal for those wanting a quick reward for their efforts. Also, it increases your appreciation of gray/color tones (essential to Read More

Draw a realistic daisy flower / Beginners step by step tutorial

Drawing is a great pastime, providing you don’t block yourself from doubts or self-confidence. Many people have a tendency to do this and unfortunately they don’t pursue this art and as a result will not tap into their hidden creativity. Drawing is like riding a bike, you just need to keep pressing on, if you Read More

Learn to draw a photo realistic Zebra | Paintology app

In this tutorial, I show you how you can create a photo realistic drawing of a zebra using the Paintology app. I use two brushes only (shade and line) to create this drawing. The line brush is great for darker deeper colors with a sharp edge and the shade brush is used as a blending Read More

Pencil drawing of cute kitten | Paintology pencil drawing #7616

My daughter is very fond of kittens and I thought I would do a drawing here for everyone. You can take this drawing as far as you want and try to recreate something that is realistic depending on your drawing skills. However, don’t get frustrated if you are unable to achieve the same drawing that Read More

semi realistic drawing - female eye - featured

Paint by Numbers | Draw a female eye | Paintology drawing app | #6370

Drawing eyes have always been a favorite subject of artists, since eyes have been considered as the ‘window to the soul’. Their fascination stems from the direct gaze can have an uneasy feeling to anyone looking at it. Here is the paint by numbers template of the female eye which you can print out or Read More

coke tutorial - photo realistic

Draw a glass of coke with a straw with the aid of the trace method.

Initially, when I was practicing drawing with the Paintology app, I would often use the trace method of drawing. This mode of drawing allows me to load any type of image that you have saved or downloaded and allows you to draw over this. This is slightly different to the overlay mode of drawing where Read More

tutorial - deutron couple - photo realistic

Drawing a couple (realistically) on an Android tablet using Paintology

Since I got onto the bandwagon of digital drawing about two years ago, I haven’t looked back and have continued to develop my artistic skills. Surprisingly, drawing on the digital medium such as on the tablet or phone is not dependent on the number of tools one has at their disposal, it ultimately boils down Read More

sunset - photo realistic

Photorealistic drawing using Paintology – a time lapse video

We all equate photorealism or photorealistic drawings to the traditional medium and very little is found in the digital medium. When there are a few examples of this the drawing inevitably looks ‘digital’. This is mainly because too many digital effects are used for the drawing ie. smoothing of lines, region color fill, layers and Read More

emerald photo realistic drawing featured

Draw an emerald using the Paintology app #6138

You might have seen this drawing on the Youtube channel by the famous Marcello Barenghi who is renowned for his photo realistic drawings using traditional medium. I thought I would have much fun and draw the same thing using the Paintology drawing app. Let me know what you think! You can view his original drawing Read More

photo realistic - walkers crisp - featured

How to create a photo realistic drawing of Walkers crisps with the Paintology drawing app

With some mastery of the Paintology drawing tools, you can also create photorealistic drawings like the one shown here. Remarkably, this drawing of the famous Walkers crisp packet was done with only two brush tools which is the shade and the line brushes. The rest is up to much patience and plenty of enthusiasm and Read More

chadwick tutorial - photo realistic

Draw Chadwick Boseman on your phone using the Paintology app

It’s quite surprising how much you can do on your phone with a little bit of effort. In this drawing, I show you how to use the Paintology app (available from the Google play store) to make a portrait drawing of Chadwick Boseman. The beauty of this drawing is that I used one brush tool Read More