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Draw a model face | Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App

We often find abstract types of drawing including faces in galleries and online. Howe about doing one yourself!

In this paint by numbers of a model face we use the paintology drawing app to create this colorful and expressionistic drawing of a model’s face. You can also print out the master template and use materials that you are comfortable with, such as pencils, crayons or even oil or acrylic paints. Once completed, you should be able to hang on your wall.

The best way to do this painting is to load into your phone or tablet using the Paintology drawing app (link provided below) and then save and print it out. We want to hear from our users how you are using the Paint by Numbers by Paintology so we can provide more features and services in this fascinating hobby of Paint by Numbers.

In this painting of the model, the color patches are large enough for anyone to do fairly quickly and in one sitting. You can go creative in this painting by blending the various tones on the face. This is one of the great features of paint by numbers on the digital medium where you can try the painting many times as you wish and use your brush for different effects. If you are not happy with the changes of your strokes, simply undo using the undo button just like you do on the desktop.

Like my previous posts on doing Paint by Numbers, the goal you should aim for is to improve your overall skills in painting and drawing and create your own unique works of art. I actually started off using Paint by Numbers (PbyNo) and became comfortable with painting and drawing which launched me into a whole world of painting and drawing with various mediums. Check out my post for more information on this.

Here is the master template of the model face (2279 x 1650):

Created with GIMP

Once you download and install the Paintology app from the link below, you can try out many of the other paint by numbers including all the ones here and any new ones we upload on a daily basis.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!