Paintology Paint by Number || newly launched app available on the Google play store

Everyone has one time or another come across paint by number during their lifetime, some have even tried them out. I clearly remember the time when I completed a paint by number painting after a long absence in art from all manners of drawing and painting which I did as a child.

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Paintology – Paint by Number

I am excited to announce that Paint by Number by Paintology has revamped this much cherished art form and brought it into the digital world. You can now do similar paint by numbers in the comfort of your own phone or tablet.

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The Paintology Paint by Number is different to the many Paint by Number apps that are found in the Google and Apple play store. Most of those apps rely on you to pick a number and simply tap that region on the drawing to fill it with color. Although, this way of doing paint by numbers can be fun, it does not really help you to improve your drawing skills and be creative. Thankfully, the paint by number app by Paintology allows you to do exactly what you have come to appreciate and love in the traditional paint by number kits found in hobby shops.

In this unique app that has been designed from the bottom up, we extend the drawing capabilities of the original Paintology drawing app on your phone or tablet and have provided many paint by number drawings for you to try.

Simply download the app from the Google play store below and install on your Android phone or tablet and you are ready to try many of the paint by number drawings available right from the app. Links are provided below.


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For a quick introduction to using this app, please go to the My Paintings and click on the video to see how to select the right drawing for yourself along with how to use the color picker tool and brush. Please find the instructional video link below.


I suggest that you use the pant by numbers tutorials that are labelled ‘Easy’ to get used to the drawing abilities of the brush and the all important color picker. Once you progress through many of these fun tutorials, you should be able to do some of the harder ones which have more colors and details. You will need to zoom in to get to the smaller details but you can find a video below of one that I have done earlier to see the process.


Drawing with Paintology Paint by Number, you will soon be drawing just like with normal pencil and paper but only with your phone/tablet which is always nearby! You will come to expand your drawing skills and appreciate drawing strokes, colors, perspective, tones etc. which are fundamental to good drawing and painting. You can carry these skills to tap into your own creativity and come up with your own unique works of art. 

Drawing and painting is a great benefit for the mind and body and now that most of us have phones and tablets, it is more accessible than ever before.


Try out the new Paintology Paint by Number and see how you can turn those precious moments of your time to create unique works of art that are not only rewarding but great fun!

Download the free Paintology Paint by Number from the Google play store.

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Happy Drawing & Painting!

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