A drawing app demo on a smartphone – Paintology drawing app

Most people use their phone for social interaction with their friends but there is a nice creative pastime that you can do with your phone. This post of ‘A drawing app demo on a smartphone – Paintology drawing app’ will show you how you can utilize your free time to make creative drawings on your phone.

The versatility of the Paintology drawing app cannot be explained in words and the best way to appreciate it’s power is to try it out but you can also check the youtube videos on the capabilities of this little gem. I have so much fun doing drawings on my phone… I am able to whisk away for a period of time to a magical kingdom of rendering colors, strokes to create my own little masterpiece. The benefits of this drawing experience just cannot be explained.

If you ever wanted to draw, but couldn’t find the time or buy the materials, now you can with the Paintology drawing app. Take a look at some of the social links below to see the full capabilities of this Paintology drawing app. Browse through the Youtube channel to see the different types of drawings that you can do from the comfort of your own seat. The Udemy link will take you to many free structured video tutorials where you can master the techniques of the app to add to your skills and enable you to make stunning drawings. You don’t need to purchase, oils, acrylics, pastels etc, you can create those effects easily on Paintology with some of the many brushes supplied with the app.

Never before has drawing been this easy and accessible, you simply cannot say that you ‘can’t draw’ or ‘don’t have the time’ or ‘can’t afford the materials’!

I really enjoy drawing and I want to give everyone the opportunity to have easy access to this app and open up their creativity and do something that we have always enjoyed as a child. Now that the world has witnessed a terrible pandemic, we can use our spare time to do something that we have always loved as a child, which is drawing and painting. You can find the drawing app link below and all the necessary resources to get you started and move toward a journey of exploration and creativity.

Here are a couple of drawings that I have made on my phones which you can surely do with some practice.

I want you to take this journey with me so I can show you the benefits of drawing on your phone and tablets. The joy of drawing and painting is no longer confined to children under ten, anyone can now do it and relive those lost and cherished moments where you gleefully showed off your artwork to you parents and teachers.

When you have installed the Paintology drawing app, you have access to the hundreds of video tutorials organized by interests and levels. You can go through these to get comfortable with the various tools of the app and improve your drawing skills to the levels that you have always desired.

I hope you will take this journey with me and enjoy the benefits just like I do to escape for a moment or two and see how creativity of drawing can lift your spirits once again.

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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