Join Google Classroom!

We are very excited to bring you google classroom where you can learn at you own pace with a qualified instructor of Paintology!

Before you can join the class, you will need to join the classroom with a class code.

  1. First go to where you will be asked to sign in to your gmail account, example [email protected]

google classroom - login step 1


2. If you are not logged in, please login with your google account. If you are already logged in, you will be presented with this screen

google classroom - join class step 2

3. Click on the + symbol on the top right and add the class code riugheq to join.

join google classroom - enter code

4. You should next see a class already setup by the instructor and you can follow the assignments and turn in your drawing

google classroom - student view

5. Follow the assignments and start drawing! Submit your work for review by instructor, instructions below.

google classroom - submit work 1

google classroom - submit work 1

Good luck, Happy Drawing & Painting!

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