Drawing a fried egg – How hard can that be?

Drawing a fried egg – How hard can that be?

Drawing a fried egg with the Paintology is harder than you think. Not because the drawing is done digitally but due to the subtle tones of the white and yellow yolk.

The challenge arises when you try to find the subtle shades of the white and yellow yolk, it is very similar to drawing a glass as an example. I personally found drawing a landscape a breeze compared to drawing this egg. The advantage of drawing this with the Paintology app is that you can zoom into the areas that require more detailing, for example, the lower shadow areas just below the yolk and the sharp edges of the egg.

I have a time lapse video of this drawing on the Paintology youtube channel below.

You can also find the full free Udemy course on how to draw the egg using the Paintology app.


udemy draw egg


For more free Udemy courses, please visit the link below…


Happy Painting & Drawing!

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