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Paint by Numbers Book Release | Get it on Amazon!

We are very pleased to announce the new Paint by Numbers book available on the Amazon store.

The book is ideal for all the folks who love painting and drawing using paint by numbers method. You can try out your favorited mediums such as colored pencils and pens and use it to do the actual drawings on the app. This is a first of it’s kind book that merges the traditional with the digital.

With over 50 paint by numbers subjects to try, there is something for everyone.

When you install the app on your Android device, you will have access to over 150 paint by numbers tutorials. Have hours of fun making your own creations and continue to upscale your skills to other drawing methods such as pencil drawings.

Here is a recent completed painting of an example Paint by Numbers drawing:

A recent coloring example using the Paint by Numbers app by Paintology

With practice you will be producing intricate coloring right on your phone or tablet! You can find all the links at the end of the post.

As you continue to build your skills with the Paint by Numbers app, you can push those skills to general drawing and painting. Soon you will be producing drawings like never before. Drawing on phones and tablets is actually simpler and more powerful than drawing with a simple pencil and paper. This is because the app allows a higher degree of granularity than what you can do with pencils and paper. For example, if you use an HB pencil, you cannot produce the darks due to the limited amount of marks you can make on the tooth of the paper. With a digital app, you have a higher degree of opacity and control over your drawing. As another example, when you reach the ‘saturation’ point of drawing on paper, you will not be able to go beyond what the tooth of the paper can support with the graphite loading.

Try out many methods of drawing on the Paintology app to accelerate your drawing skills and see it’s true capabilities. I have personally drawn for just under two years in this medium and did not contemplate how far I had come with basic skills.

Here is another example of a drawing with the Paintology app:

An actual pencil drawing with the Paintology app

Other features of the app that makes drawings easier and faster are the use of the zoom function and also the intuitive interface of the Paintology app. With easy access to the color bar and the most frequent tools right on your finger tips, you can concentrate more on your drawing. The zoom function allows you to do much more than you think, especially if you are into creating ‘realistic’ drawings.

The eye and the brain, will try to formulate an image in your head with the minimum number of attempts. This is because recognizing objects at a fast speed allows you to get a better understanding of the visual world around you. These are natural functions of the human body to live with a high degree of mobility in it’s environment. When using the zoom feature, you can be somewhat ‘messy’ and provide a depiction of the eyes and brain are trying to formulate. If you zoom into the above drawn picture of the bag of walkers crisp, you will see that some areas are almost drawn at very basic levels such as the writing of the nutritional values on the packet. You can see that it is clearly done quickly with no real accuracy but it works!

Here is the YouTube video of this drawing from the Paintology channel.

A realistic drawing made on the Paintology app

There are many resources you can find on drawing and painting with the digital medium. You can do a search in the major search engines but try to be specific to what you are looking for. For example, don’t simply type ‘digital drawing’ try something like ‘digital drawing with my phone’, ‘drawing mange on my phone’ etc. This will home you in to more targeted topics for you to read and get value for your next drawing exercise etc.

Drawing is a very exciting, fun and a highly rewarding hobby which many have turned it into a full-time career. The digital medium has become even more popular due to the many apps available for the Google and Apple phones and tablets. You can’t go wrong with the Paintology series of apps available from the Google play store. They are easy to use but powerful enough to cater to advanced artists especially those that come from a traditional background.

The unique Paintology Paint by Numbers app is ideal for those who love drawing and want to transition to the digital medium. The book now available from the Amazon store will show you the ease at which drawings can be made on paper as well as the digital medium. The bridge between traditional and digital drawing has truly hit a landmark with this new book.

Order the book now and contact us for further information and help.

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Paintology Paint by Numbers book on Amazon!

Paint by Numbers book available in Amazon!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Drawing & Painting!

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