Paint by Numbers – Fun way to improve your drawing skills!

Many of us are familiar with the Paint by Numbers and have tried it when they were young. The basic way that Paint by Numbers work is that you get a sheet with an outline of a drawing with each segments labelled with numbers. The numbers are usually represented by colors.

The Paint by Numbers kit can come with a drawing sheet with colored pencils for you to try and even as a painting kit. Once you complete one of the Paint by Numbers kit, the results are usually very gratifying. You might ask, how does it improve my drawing skills? Firstly, doing Paint by Nos are very structured, you know exactly what you need to do and the final drawing will be based on how steady your hand skills are. Naturally, there are Paint by Nos. that are more complex and requires more skills by the part of the painter.

In the digital space, there are a few true Paint by Numbers and many are designed to get instant results without developing any real drawing skills. For example, some paint by nos app require you to click on the labelled segment to deposit the entire color in one go. You can go through a a drawing very rapidly with this process and get a result fairly quickly. However, it does not improve any of your drawing skills.

Paintology Paint by Nos on the other hand uses a drawing canvas that allows you to draw the labelled segment just like the traditional method. In this way, you can develop your artistic skills of developing motor and visual skills, which is all important to the development of art skills.

The Paintology app has been designed for beginner artists to get comfortable with drawing and to progress rapidly in your learning ability. The various lessons, will allow you to become more proficient and confident in your ability to draw.

Try it today, download the Paintology app from the Google store today!

Happy Painting & Drawing!

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