Why is drawing so hard for some people?

I say to everyone that drawing is something anyone can do, it is not dependent on having any special talent but a skill that anyone with working hands and mind can master. However, even when I make that statement, no one seems convinced, they continue to believe that they just cannot draw. I want to be able to answer this question by relating to some of my experiences.

Can’t draw attitude that many of us are plagued with.

When I was a teenager, I remember that many of my friends and family members would praise me for my drawing skills. This all took a back seat when I entered University to study engineering and drawing remained dormant for the most part of my life. I remember, I would occasionally dabble in doodling and even tried to buy an easel to kick start in art. I tried but always failing and never felt that I had it in me and it was all probably gone going into adulthood. The easel remained unopened in my garage for many years and I never really thought about drawing or painting with any real intentions.

Paint by numbers – one way to get into painting?

Oddly enough, it was a paint by numbers gift that I received that rekindled by interest again. I framed this art piece and everyone was impressed by it. I then decided to make a quick visit to my hobby shop and bought some cheap acrylic paints and brushes. I began creating small pieces of paintings that seems to resonate with me and everyone seemed impressed by my artwork which fueled me even further. Since then I have started and stopped a few times but only in the last year have I kept this activity at full momentum. I have made a decision that from hereon, painting and drawing will always remain a part of my life.

It would be good to see if anyone had the same experience or not. But is there anything from this experience that I have learnt and can share with my readers? I believe there is.

First of all, it takes an interest (a self belief) that you really want to paint and draw. For me, the reason I wanted to paint and draw was that I got a real sense of satisfaction doing it as a teenager. It could be from the praise from other people or that I could simply let my hands and mind escape for an hour and create something unique that often surprised me too. ‘I can do that, or I managed to do this’.

Another reason that I can extract from my experience, is that an opportunity must exist in your life that takes you over that hurdle ‘you can’t draw’. It is very possible that the one painting ‘paint by numbers’ that I did was the catalyst that took me to another level coupled with the rewarding comments made by other people. Maybe as a teenager, I was spurred by other students and teachers admiration of the drawings and that was all that was needed. Ask yourself, are you longing for those remarks or is it a passion that you always wanted to pursue. I can definitely show you the way.

What else, can I pick up from that experience that could benefit some of my readers?

I think one aspect of painting and drawing that many overlook is the work needed to get better and better at it. The thought of putting all those hours and grinding through repetitive lessons is surely a put-off from the start. Luckily for me, I never looked at the subsequent work as ‘work’, it came naturally to me, the curiosity of the paintings and drawings that I did and the sense of wonderment that I need to do this and that. I would automatically log into Youtube and learn from other artists and attempt to apply to my own paintings. It was a wonderful journey where I experimented and played with colors and felt a real sense of empowerment.

Unfortunately, circumstances in my life dictated that new priorities took precedence and this passionate hobby of mine took a back seat. Since then there have been two outbursts of my hobby and on reflection, they happened at the most peculiar times. These were the times when I went through some pain and anguish in my life and I found solace and comfort picking up painting and drawing again. I found that some of my greatest strengths comes from having gone through a low point in my life and then catapulting myself to new heights. I have asked myself ‘is this what I was meant to do.

Some readers can relate to my story but there are important lessons to be learnt and I will try to summarize here. Please feel free to add your story here in the comments below.

  • Some ignition is required for you to get over that hurdle ‘you can’t draw’
  • When you see your ‘own’ progress and get excited by it, then you will truly feel that you are going in the right direction
  • You just need to keep it going

I tried to distill the most important points here based on my own personal experience. I cannot tell you the benefits of painting and drawing, only the very person who immerses themselves in the art of creation.

Having understood my own engagement with painting and drawing, I believe, I can get many people over the main hurdle that is holding them back. I have developed the Paintology application over a span of 2 years and have come up with something that will empower you to get past the first hurdle and into the world of painting and drawing. After using this app, you won’t be looking for excuses not to take up painting and drawing, but all the spare time you have.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

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Some of the wonderful drawings you can do with Paintology!

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