Photorealism drawing in digital, the easy way!

Photorealism is a form of art that has won a lot of fans over the last few decades.

Most of the photo realistic art is confined to the traditional mediums and there is little that can be found in the digital medium. Most of the artwork in the digital medium ultimately appears animated and computer generated. This is because most digital artists have a high reliance on the digitals tools of the applications they use. The digital tools will always have a correction mechanisms in their tools. For example, when you draw a stroke, the digital tools can be used to make the strokes smooth. Similarly, a blending tools will be a perfect rendition of the blend defined by the computer. Understandably, the overall artwork will appear as though it was manipulated or computer enhanced. It is the reason for many who doubt that digital art is real art.

Photorealistic drawing in digital is surprisingly easier to do than you think!

It must be emphasized that the creation of art whatever manner of tools you use, is a work of art. The same applies to photography which is a form of art even though the camera does most of the work of rendering the image. It is the photographer and the artist to render the final image. You should not jump to conclusion on certain skilled topics unless you are a experience practitioner as well as knowledgeable in that subject.

Sadly, the subject of AI is infused with fear and apprehension without anyone truly understanding the mechanics of it all. AI will be another wave of technical innovation just like the internet and bring enormous benefits to the human experience. I do not look at AI somehow taking over! We have been too immersed in Hollywood’s movies like Terminator and make poor decisions. You should speak to the scientists and engineers who are versed in this subject in order to make your own assessment. I am sure, you will hear a different point of view but then again, we would speculate that they were looking to be more emboldened on the topic of AI. More conspiracy theories, if you see where I am going with this.

In traditional mediums, photorealism is usually made with a number of traditional materials such as pens, brushes, inks, pastels etc. The ability of the traditional artists in their knowledge of the various tools allows them to develop techniques that they can apply to their photo realistic creations.

All the artists will have their own ways and techniques for producing their artwork, and it can be difficult for newcomers to understand them. Usually, they will need to work from the ground up and show technical abilities in the various tools. It is only after a period of practice, that they can push their techniques and skills learnt to start making photorealistic drawings. It is very similar to learning any other skill, for example, learning Karate. You would need to go through the basics before you can jump to black belt.

I have written a post that discusses the importance of practice but more importantly the development of a mindset that propels you to bigger heights in any skill. You can read about this on the post below.

Master skills through the appreciation of three simple traits!

The process of creating photo realistic art requires you to have the basics of proficient artist who is already knowledgeable and skilled in the craft. In all cases the artists has developed inners skills that allow them to draw at this grand prix level. If you are on the sidelines when it comes to drawing, you will most likely remain on the sidelines unless you take action. If you are serious about drawing and want to take it to a good level, then you have come to the right place.

I would recommend first reading the DPD of acquiring a skill first and then moving to more of the tutorials provided in the Paintology app. You will find that your interest will develop if you build those important skills in confidence. This is essential for you to keep on this track and get you to your goals fast. It will seem not like work but very satisfying and pleasurable when you do it. You can see it for yourself when you watch an artist at work. They can continue for a long time without a sweat and lose all track of time. Perhaps, those are the skills that many are striving for and hence their interest in the subject of art. Whatever it maybe, if you are seriously interested, you need to remove any thoughts you may have about art and go with an open mind.

As I have mentioned earlier, photorealistic drawing stems from an artist that has developed the core skills in art. If you have a desire to learn photorealism, you will need to acquire some of the art skills that are inherent to a good artist. Fortunately, the Paintology drawing app allows you to develop these skills without going through an academic path that can seem overbearing and intimidating. Read the interesting article on this topic below.

Core skills in traditional but forgotten in digital

You have all heard the word ‘practice’ when it comes drawing or painting and becoming good in that skill. This can also appear intimidating to some since they would need to allocate time to the development of the skill. From their point of view this all appears like ‘work’ since they have not reached the other side, where an artist spends their time creating art and is lost in the moment and think of it as more pleasurable than just work.

If you want to get to the other side, you will need to move with some enthusiasm as well as with an open mind. Remove any thinking you had about art and try to become a sponge when you are reading, listening or doing anything related to art. You will find that over time, your enthusiasm grows and turns to a passionate interest. In this mode of thinking, you will find yourself automatically attracting the information into your life that propels you even further. I say this with solid down to earth experience that is based on my personal life and not some mumbo jumbo. I know that if I wanted to possess a skill that I desired, I can apply this knowledge and experience again and take it to a level that I am comfortable with.

Now that we have set the groundwork for becoming a photo realistic artist, it will be helpful to go through the guidance provided in the next section. Please read through carefully and follow the guidance to the best of your ability.

If you are new to digital drawing, you can start by doing some of the most important tutorials that will get you comfortable with the medium. In addition, it will build up some of the skills required for drawing such as improving the drawing strokes, the appreciation of color and a general understanding of real images.

Depending on how comfortable you are with your progress, I would suggest to try out some of the Pencil drawings in this tutorial category. This will develop your skills in the area of shading and creating tones that are important to photorealism. Try to work with black and white pictures initially since understanding tones in the gray scale is easier to appreciate than color. Find black and white pictures you can work with and load it into Paintology using overlay or trace mode. The overlay allows you to use original images, so you can pick out colors and try to get a feel of some of the brushes that are used in Paintology. Remember, the brushes by itself does not mean anything. It is important that you understand the properties of each of the brush such as opacity. Density and hardness settings are available for many of the brushes that allow you a high degree of control over each of the brush. For example, in pencil drawings with the Paintology app, the shade brush is only used to make many of the drawings. This is very similar to using pencil and paper and developing the same skills and applying it to the digital medium.

Learn the core skills of Art

This is one of the most fundamental points of drawing photorealistically with the Paintology drawing app.

The Paintology drawing app has a different approach to drawing than the approach you are probably used to when it comes to digital drawing. Many jump to the digital tools to take the shortcuts to doing the final artwork. As mentioned earlier, this will never allow you to make a good photo realistic drawing since the final artwork will always appear too perfect and not natural. This is why, I sometimes find questions on the topic of digital drawing on how to make their digital drawings look as though it was hand drawn.

The approach that Paintology uses is to adopt the techniques and skills learnt in the traditional mediums.

This means that you need to develop the skills that are inherent to good traditional artists and the basis of skills to become a proficient photo realistic artist. If you are already using many of the top drawing apps, you may be already scratching your head thinking how is that possible? There are very good reasons for this.

Since many of the drawing tasks are automated by the digital tools of the app, you are already on a path that does not need to develop the core skills learnt in the traditional medium. For example, drawing strokes, the blending etc. all the tasks that are normally done by hand in the traditional medium.

Ironically, most of the books on the fundamentals of drawing requires you to have these inherent skills and not just have tools to do this for you. You can see that this method to drawing removes the need to develop the inherent skills that I have been going on about. You will always be turning to digital tools to take the shortcuts to your drawing. Failing this, you will most likely give up and not turn to doing things manually. After all, the reason you can draw in the digital medium was because you could not draw in the first place with traditional mediums. The tools provided the easy path to making your creations alive.

If you fall into the above approach to creating digital art, you will always be diving for tools to to make your final photo realistic drawing. Sadly, this will be the limit of your ability and you will not be able to transfer these skills to any other apps. In order to do photo realistic drawing, the right way, you will need to learn the core skills and you will need to develop the skills that have been the mainstay of traditional medium for centuries.

Targeting the users to veer them into Paintology

I have put forward the reasons for much of the apprehension of traditional artists migrating to the digital medium. It has a lot to do with their initial perception of the new medium. As you can imagine, this perception may cloud their judgment which is based on current observations and the mass appeal of the digital medium.

Hyper realism is not a type of art that I am comfortable with since it requires the ability to copy bits of drawing pixel at a time. It is not a creative process of creating art but the end result can be impressive and always draws a crowd.

A form of hyper realism that has been developed in Paintology is called Block Coloring. Although this has a creative element in the process of creating the final art piece. If you want to learn more, please visit the link below…

Now, you maybe thinking that there are tons of tools to learn on the digital application to make photo realistic drawings. This is a complete myth which you can read more on the link below…

The art of Traditional & Digital Mediums

If you want to see photorealistic drawings made on the phone, please check out the many videos shown in the Paintology and Ferdouse Youtube Channels. Links in the resources below.

With over 600 tutorials on every facet of drawing and painting, including finger painting, it will rapidly increase your core skills in art. This is a completely new approach that many digital app developers have ignored. After all, the best people to promote digital apps are the artists themselves.

Sadly many are drawn by an app that has a big following as well as packed to the hilt with tool after tool. As shown with many examples with the Paintology drawing app, you don’t need many tools to draw well. Developing your fundamental core skills are all that is required for you to be independent of the art mediums and free yourself to creativity!

There are over 600 free video tutorials that come with the Paintology drawing app for your Android devices.

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing!

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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