The Art of Digital Painting

Many people engaged in art are all too familiar with the traditional media

These include physical media such as acrylics, oils, watercolors, pencils, pastels and much more

My favorite water based medium is acrylics since it has the vibrancy of colors, consistency for using brushes and palette knives as well as a fast drying time. Also don’t forget it is easy to clean as it is water based

A large acrylic painting made by Author

The next set of art materials that appeal to me are charcoals and pastels and I have made many drawings with this medium.

A charcoal drawing made on gray toned paper by Author

Like all skills it takes time and patience to draw with this mediums but once you get a good feel, it becomes second nature

In the same way that Bob Ross made painting look easy, you can also achieve the same level of expertise with some practice and confidence. You probably heard his famous sayings…

‘Anyone can paint, they just need to believe it’

‘You don’t need to be born with talent to be a good artsit’

‘Painting is a happy hobby, you don’t make mistakes, just happy experiences’

Many have achieved the same levels of expertise as Bob Ross and are forever grateful to him.

There are many truths to some of Bob Ross’s famous sayings. For example, when you make mistakes, you should not consider it as a mistake and dismiss yourself too quickly that you cannot paint or draw. You need to think that they are simply the part of the journey to take you to your goals and need to feel good about it.

Talent, is another word that I often hear from many people, especially on the Quora platform. I have answered many questions on this subject and again, it is a state of mind when you undertake anything that requires certain skills. You have to know that great carpenters were not born overnight, they took an interest and pursued it relentlessly. This progress allows them to be precise and highly skillful in their crafts.

When it comes to digital drawing and painting, many automatically assume that you need to be good with computers. You cannot be further from the truth.

Take a look at this youtube video of a digital painting that I made with a ‘brush’.

Use a brush to paint on a large TV Screen

Here is another one you can also check out and see that it is not that different to painting with a brush on a canvas

Make this cup drawing on a 42 inch TV

If you want to more about this product, please check out more info on the link below…

Digital Canvas – How you can make easy paintings on large canvasses

Also, now that we have tablets and phones, you can make easy digital drawings and paintings just like you would with traditional materials.

Digital drawing and painting is not like you had imagined, it is much easier than you think!

Check out more resources on this subject to get started right away

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