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Daily Livestream video tutorials on YouTube!

I am proud to announce that the daily live streams of drawing tutorials with the Paintology app is becoming hugely popular!

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Live stream tutorials, Google classroom to take your digital drawing and painting to a whole new level!

Paintology has been acquiring interest from around the world where budding artists are waking up to the potential of digital drawing. I am not talking about digital drawing in the general sense like most with other apps, but learning core fundamental art skills through the Paintology app.

You might ask, how can that be?

You may not know that the digital medium is much more powerful than the sum of its digital tools. The majority of users who create digital art become heavily reliant on the tools available on the app or the software. This includes shortcuts to many areas of familiar art techniques such as shading with shortcuts that include blending tools, auto line corrections etc.

This is a double edged sword.

On one hand it can give you the quick fixes to achieve the drawings you have in mind due to these tools. On the other hand you will limit you drawing capabilities as you will always remain subservient to the tools. Detaching yourself from these tools can in fact take your artwork to a whole new level!

Take a look at the example of the drawing made on my Samsung phone using the Paintology app!

You will be unable to tell whether this was done using digital or some other traditional mediums or mixture of all.

A landscape drawing made on the Samsung Note 10 phone

The above is one of many examples of drawings that you can make on your phone and in rapid time!

The skills required to do this kind of artwork is basically the same that is learnt with traditional materials. Take the example of the humble pencil and paper. You have various ways that you can use this pencil to make marks on the paper. The artists that has the greatest degree of control over the pencil and the properties of the pencil when it interacts with the paper is much more likely to create a drawing that is impressive.

The same philosophy applies to the digital medium.

With just the line brush and the opacity settings of the brush you have an art medium that is in fact more versatile than the pencil and paper. Take the line brush of the Paintology app. It comes with a density setting that can be adjusted from 0 to 100%. This implies that the control over the ‘shading’ and tones are superior to the pencil.

This is what allows me make photorealistic digital drawings right on the phone!

I am now doing live stream step by step tutorials that show you these art techniques applied to digital drawings.

You will learn techniques that you never thought possible and extend the ceiling of your art creativity!

Don’t be limited by digital tools, draw like the way it was meant to be!

Resources on the Paintology app, please visit the links below.

Paintology Drawing Apps:

Paintology Drawing App (Main):

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

This app encompasses all the features of the variants such as the pencil drawing, paint by number and connect the dots. You can start with the app variants provided below if you prefer pencil drawing or develop coloring experience. In this way, you develop the necessary skills to do advanced drawings and tackle the tutorials under that category.

Pencil Drawing App:

If you love pencil drawing, you will like this app. The Paintology pencil drawing app allows you to make rapid pencil drawings easily and only increases your drawing skills further. 

Paint by Numbers App:

If you have ever tried the Paint by Numbers that comes in kit form, you will love this app. The app works in much the same way as the real kits allowing you to select colors and paint small regions. There are over 100 paint by numbers tutorials for you to try where you can color and learn drawing whilst having fun!

Connect the Dots App:

The Connect the Dots app by Paintology offers newbies to have fun joining the numbers to create the final drawing. Once done, you can use the coloring tools of the app to make a creative drawing unique to you! Try the many connect the dots examples to learn drawing and coloring fast.










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