A drawing of Will Smith made on the Samsung S6 Lite but you can do on other tablets

This is an update on my previous blog post of a drawing of Will Smith that I made using the Paintology app on the Samsung S6 Lite tablet. However, anyone can do this on other Android tablets including the Amazon fire tablets.

The reason why this drawing is interesting to beginner artists is because of the method that I have used to draw this. I used the shade tool which has no ‘opacity’ setting, so it is very easy to use. You simply, select the colors from the palette to the right of the canvas and set the brush size. I used this method to do the whole drawing and it almost feels like you are drawing on paper with colored pencils. The shade effect allows you to build up the colors without having to do any kind of blending etc.

Check out the following videos and the Udemy course on this drawing.

Free Udemy course:

Udemy course to Will Smith


Time lapse drawing of Will Smith:

Full drawing of Will Smith:



Happy Drawing & Painting


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