World’s largest and most affordable drawing tablet?

Hello guys, I thought you might be interested in a new device that I put together to create a unique drawing tool.

The device is a giant 65 inch drawing tablet and works like any other drawing tablets! I have hooked this 65 inch to my favorite drawing app, Paintology.

You can check out this device in action from the youtube link below.

You maybe asking why develop this huge drawing tablet when 12 inch drawing tablets are easily available.

There is a simple answer to this but it is probably best explained by an analogy in other art mediums.

If you look at traditional artwork all around you, there are many painters who choose to draw on large canvases. In fact the bigger the canvas, the more dramatic can be the painting and there is nowhere better demonstrated than the art exhibitions that are found in all major cities. The visual impact of art on a large canvas is much more striking than say 22 inch canvas. In the same manner, this 65 inch drawing tablet allows artists to work on larger ‘canvases’ and thus make for more dramatic drawings and paintings.

With regards to the cost, I have put together this giant canvas for under $700 and if you look at any touch panels that are currently available and of 65 inch size, we are talking about $3,000 plus!

With the advances in technology and the popularity of digital artistry, these digital mediums are becoming more popular day by day. There is no doubt in my mind that this medium will continue to bring about more innovation and extend the creative aspects of the artist. Having built this giant drawing tablet, I intend to do paintings that demonstrate the real power of this device and like before on my lesser 42 inch drawing tablet. See my youtube channel on this below.

Please let me know what you like to see using this unique drawing tablet or if you have any questions!

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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