Draw a puppy using the Paintology brush tools charcoal and line.

This drawing was easier than I originally thought. As I haven’t done a drawing for sometimes now, maybe like a month, I had the same ‘start-up’ butterflies like any newbies just starting to draw. I can honestly say that the first step is almost always the hardest and my thinking kept hovering around..’am I going to do a good drawing’ all the way to ‘I just can’t do this’. All it took on my part was to bring the stylus and the tablet together with my Paintology application open with an empty canvas!

As always, I prefer to find a real life photograph that I can draw from and found this cute picture of a puppy. Without hesitation, I used the charcoal tool to draw the background and working with broad strokes laying down the shapes and form. As I gradually decreased the size of the charcoal brush, I could see that the charcoal pen was becoming somewhat jagged. So I opted for the line pen to do the finer drawing details like the hair and the dark eyes.

I will post a video of this drawing, if you are interested. Let me know.

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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