How to spot differences in drawing to improve your skills further

Drawing is a fun activity since it can momentarily transport you away to a new place from the daily chores of life.

This was the case for me when I was making this portrait drawing on my P30 Lite phone. However, the post is not about the spiritual ‘transcendatory’ of the emotional self when drawing but to help you get better with your drawings.

You may want to check out the Udemy course where you will get full instructions on doing this drawing.

I compare my drawing with the original one, to give you ideas on how to improve, no matter how accomplished you may think you are.

featured image compare

You can see right away there are differences in the original reference image and the one I drew.

  • the right side of the eye lid is a bit light and needs darkening
  • the lips are a bit narrower than the original
  • the dark shadow on the right side of the face is a bit dark compared to original
  • the beard could have been a bit better

How many can you spot?

Try the drawing on Udemy and you can post your pic to the community for me to look and hopefully give you some tips or even give myself some tips!

Happy drawing & painting.




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