Pencil drawing now on your phone!

Pencil drawing has been very popular amongst young artists who are venturing for the first time into the world of drawing. This has been a great medium for many artists throughout history and has been used by some famous artists such as Leonardo De Vinci, Constable, Picasso, and more.

pencil drawing
Pencil drawing to help with Plein air painting – method used by artist

The medium is perfect for artists who are beginning and also advanced. Advanced artists use the medium to do sketches of a landscape in plein air painting to get the main components and proportions right. Beginner artists can appreciate this medium to improve their drawing skills and understand tones which are important to all drawings.

How to draw face for Beginners/ EASY WAY TO DRAW A GIRL FACE - YouTube
Beginners drawing tutorial | Farjana drawing academy

Fortunately, all of us now live in a very technically driven world and most of us are touched by this technology. For example, our phone has now become invaluable for staying in communication with our loved ones as well as being a superior device for doing all kinds of daily tasks. For example, online shopping, searching for information, taking photos, playing games, etc.

As you can expect, technology has now brought the ability to make pencil drawings right on your phone!

The Paintology – Pencil drawing app is one such app that can be found on the Google play store for your Android phone or tablet.

You can check out the recent posting of its release in the post below.

Pencil drawing app that you can use to make pencil drawings on your Phone!

Thankfully, the versatility of the digital medium now allows for much superior control of your drawing over traditional methods. With little practice you can make drawings of all kinds on your phone and tablet.

pencil drawing
A drawing of a girl holding a phone | Pencil drawing app (Paintology)

In the above drawing, which was made by the niece of ten years old. You can see how easy and versatile this drawing app is for all artists who grew up with pencil drawing in their schools etc.

Watch the YouTube video on how this app used in practice:

An advanced photo realistic drawing using the Paintology pencil drawing app!

For the latest in this app via Paintology, please visit the social links below. You will also find the links to the download section of the app.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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