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New revamped Paintology app soon to be launched

We are very proud to announce the brand new Paintology app with unique features unlike you have ever seen before. When Paintology was launched back in 2012, it causes quite a sensation in the art world as a unique easy but powerful app for drawing. Today we have completely reworked the whole app inside and Read More

What is the best way to compliment artwork?

Sometimes, you maybe lost for words on how to compliment other people’s artwork. In this interesting post, the artist talks candidly on how to compliment other peoples artwork. It is also important to know where these people are coming from. Please continue reading from the link below… What is the best word for compliment to Read More

Left-hand drawing challenge for 30 days

Most of us have a dominant hand that we write with and carry out delicate tasks etc. This is the case with Artists who usually use their dominant hand to draw and paint. Due to this, I setup a unique challenge to myself and to draw with my least dominant hand which is my left-hand. Read More

See what others think of Paintology on Facebook

Facebook is a great social platform that brings many like minded people together. Check out all the postings on Facebook and share with your friends. Don’t forget Instagram too….

What is stress and how to lower it – Part 2

In our previous article we discussed how stress can come about leading to stress disorders. In this article, we show you one method that you can easily turn to that will reduce your stress. The great benefit of drawing is that it allows you to redirect your attention to something that is calm and undistracted. Read More

What is stress and how to lower it – Part 1

I was recently reading an article on the subject of stress and how our work lives have changed the way we handle our own internal stress. You can read more on the link below. Why stress is dangerous – and how to avoid its effects It makes for very interesting reading and one that can Read More

Can Art and AI work together?

You can read an interesting article on the subject of AI and art in the link below. Most of us like to think that AI has some human component to it and it will also have the capability to create art. I mean not just create any art but possibly create works of art like Read More

Art Assignment – The Myth of the Tortured Artist

There is a very interesting art channel that provides insight into all art and is a must watch channel. The commentator is savyy about how the content should be presented and provides meaningful and insightful glimpse into art as we know it. This particular video gives deep and meaningful insight into the case of a Read More

The case for the tortured artist

We have all heard of stories of the tortured artist and the mental state that leads them to great works of art. Vincent Van Gogh was one such person that anyone can recognize. He produced some of the greatest artworks revered today by collectors such as Sunflowers and the Starry Night. He sadly died young Read More