Trace Drawing

elephant drawing featured

Elephant silhouette drawing – Paintology trace mode

Digital drawing today has become very popular with a range of apps that caters to the growing artists that use their phones and tablets. The Paintology drawing app available for Android users is great to make quick drawings on your phone or tablet. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. With the Read More

A tribute to the recent passing of Sinead O’Connor

The recent passing of the singer Sinead O’Connor made headline news. Her iconic song, ‘Nothing Compares to You’, was a haunting melodramatic song that still sends shivers through anyone listening to it. I thought I would do my bit of making a portrait drawing on my phone with the Paintology drawing app of course. Here Read More

Easy Portrait Block Coloring on your Phone!

Block coloring is unique to the Paintology drawing app (Google play store). Think of it like Paint by Numbers but you get to define the region that you want to paint. You can watch the video below to learn block coloring through this portrait drawing. It was made by a 9 year old who took Read More

Line drawing – Color and draw a woman’s face

Line drawing is a quick and effective way to make good drawings with ease. Many do line drawings with pen and paper, but did you know that you can do the same on your phone? All you need is the free Paintology drawing app available from the Google play store. To download, you can go Read More

30 mins drawing fun, right on your phone!

You can make this impressive looking painting right on your phone. All you need is the free Paintology drawing app from the Google play store and any Android phone or tablet. It would also be helpful that you use a stylus that you can get for a few dollars/pounds from Amazon or ebay. This allows Read More

Make this easy pen drawing on your Phone!

In this tutorial we are going to make this very easy and simple outline drawing of a girl with a headphone. The tutorial is based around the Paintology trace mode of drawing which is a great way of improving your drawing and painting skills with the app. Here is the final drawing you can also Read More

Draw a waterscape scene in 30 mins – Paintology Tutorial

Making good drawings can be fast and fun at the same time. Check out this one I did recently on my Android tablet using a cheap stylus that you can get from Amazon for a few bucks. You can also use your phone if you like Here is the video…. You can check out many Read More

Draw a realistic eye on your phone!

Drawing realistic eyes are very popular amongst artists Perhaps the eyes hold the window to the world with it’s majestic contrasting colors of the pupils and the eye lashes along with the flesh tones. They are an excellent way to practice drawing In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make this Read More

Warm Xmas wishes from a Raccoon!

This is a fun drawing of a Raccoon you can do right on your phone! Here is a video of this drawing… How to do this tutorial: Once you have downloaded and installed the Paintology drawing app, you can go to the home page and search for #10399. This will load the trace template of Read More

Draw a 3D letter on your phone!

This easy to do 3D drawing can be done right on your phone using the Paintology drawing app which is available from the Google store! Watch the video to see how it is done below… Once you have opened up the app, use the search ID #10333 in the search screen of the home page. Read More

Paintology block coloring – Wassily Kandinsky – Great Paintings #10064

Kandinsky is considered one of the first pioneers of abstract painting. Wassily Kandinsky was born in Russia and came into prominence as an artist following a period of teaching in law and economics. His most notable work The Blue Rider (1903) pushed him into mainstream art and continued experimenting with bold colors and form. In Read More

Paintology block coloring – Georges Seurat – Great Paintings #10036

Block coloring is an excellent method of making fun paintings on your phone or tablet using the Paintology Drawing App. The method is unique to Paintology and you can find more information from the post below. We are going to make this famous painting by Georges Seurat, Bathing At Asnieres 1884. Most will immediately recognize Read More

3D drawing of a glass with water – Paintology #10028

The Paintology Drawing App available from the Google play store is a very versatile app that allows you to make simple but entertaining drawings to please anyone. You can watch the video to see how you can make this 3D drawing of a glass with water to amaze your friends and family. All you need Read More

Commemorate the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II – Paintology #9992

This is an easy drawing of the late Queen Elizabeth II in fond memory of her recent passing. This drawing was done on my Samsung Note 10 phone using a stylus and the Paintology Drawing App from the Google play store. Once you have installed the Paintology app from the google play store, just open Read More

Super easy 3D Art on your phone – Ladder in a pit #9988

The Paintology Drawing App available from the Google play store is a versatile app that allows you to make simple but entertaining drawings such as this one. You can watch the video to see how easy it is to make an effective 3D drawing to amaze your friends and family. All you need is to Read More

featured cute girl block coloring

Draw this easy cute girl on your phone – Paintology #9999

Block coloring with Paintology has just gone up another level! You may have seen the previous tutorial of the famous painting, Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. The block coloring method with Paintology goes beyond Paint by Numbers that you maybe familiar with from the many tutorials available in that category under Video Tutorials. The Read More

Block coloring – Sandro Botticelli – Birth of Venus #9993

Block coloring is an excellent method of making fun paintings on the digital medium using the Paintology Drawing App. The method is unique to Paintology and you can find more information from the links provided at the end of this post. We are going to make this famous painting by Sandro Botticelli, The birth of Read More

featured diamond drawing

Draw a diamond with block coloring using Paintology #9562

Use the easy and fun block coloring method of drawing with Paintology to do a drawing of this diamond. This drawing can be considered as a photo realistic drawing and you can compare the original with the drawing in Fig.1. Block coloring is a new approach to drawing that allows for the method of drawing Read More

thumb water drops

Draw realistic water droplets on your phone!

Water droplets are always an interesting subject to draw and they are not that difficult to do. In this tutorial we are going to make a realistic water droplets drawing using the Paintology drawing app (Google play store). You can find the links to the app and other social sites at the end of the Read More

Draw a realistic daisy flower / Beginners step by step tutorial

Drawing is a great pastime, providing you don’t block yourself from doubts or self-confidence. Many people have a tendency to do this and unfortunately they don’t pursue this art and as a result will not tap into their hidden creativity. Drawing is like riding a bike, you just need to keep pressing on, if you Read More

Snoop Dogg block coloring & drawing | Paintology app

Since many of the Paintology users are enjoying using the app and making creative works, we can always try to improve our drawing skills. One way to do this is to use the trace mode of drawing with Paintology. The trace method can help you accelerate your drawing strokes and widen your understanding of colors Read More

Will Smith trace drawing | Learn drawing with Paintology

We have all heard the controversy in the recent Oscars with the famous actor Will Smith. Due to his notoriety, I thought about doing a trace drawing of him with the Paintology app. It turns out that the drawing came out better than I had expected and figured that this approach could be used for Read More

anime line drawing - featured

Draw an Anime Portrait | Line drawing with Paintology

One of the skills that you can develop in drawing is to do line drawing. In this tutorial I show you how quickly you can draw this anime portrait in the traced mode of the Paintology drawing app. Below is the final drawing after spending a few minutes tracing on my Samsung phone. It is Read More

3D Drawing with Paintology #7667

Why not surprise your friends with this amazing 3D drawing of stairs. Check out the video below. Draw using the trace method with the straight lines tool of Paintology Once you have the #7667 tutorial loaded, you can start making your very own stairs. You can use the search feature on the home page to Read More

pencil drawing on phones

Pencil drawing sketches | Draw Ertgrul Ghazi Example | Paintology pencil drawing app

Pencil drawing and sketches are a great way to make quick visually stunning drawings on paper or canvas. Pencil Mediums Most of these types of pencil drawings are done with a graphite pencil but colored pencils can also be used to make these drawings. You can check out the many pencil, charcoal, graphite and pastel Read More

featured - pencil drawing of a phone tutorial

Draw a Hand Holding a Phone / Phone 12 Pro Max Held in Hand – Pencil Drawing App

In this drawing, we make use of the line and brush tool of the Pencil app (Paintology) to make this drawing. The drawing is fairly easy for anyone to do providing you follow the initial instructions shown in the video below. For the straight edges of the Phone 12 Pro Max, we select the line Read More

tutorial - pencil - gray tone trees featured

Learn the shades of gray | Paintology pencil drawing app

One of the techniques all artists learn when drawing is to appreciate the gray color tone. This becomes even more important when drawing with pencil, charcoal etc. since they just involve black and gray tones. In this drawing you will not only appreciate the gray color tones, but the tones as applied to a real Read More

Pencil drawing - Anime - Featured

Anime pencil drawing | Paintology Pencil Drawing app

This is a relatively easy drawing which will improve your drawing strokes. Since the traced image is not shaded this would be considered an anime line drawing with pencil. When doing this exercise, first try to get a handle on the line brush. Practice doing the strokes, you can always undo or redo the strokes. Read More

Pencil Drawing Portrait Featured

Draw a simple Portrait | Paintology Pencil Drawing

This is an easy drawing to tackle where you can use the trace mode to select the gray tones and the brush widths to use for this drawing. Like all drawings, it takes some skills to master shading to get a portrait exactly right. It is best to start by sketching and then gradually developing Read More

Trace drawing method - featured

Trace mode of Drawing | Lesson #240 | Learn with Paintology

In this guide, I show you how powerful the trace mode of drawing is with Paintology. One cannot ignore that trace drawing has been used by budding and accomplished artists alike. It has contributed to their improvement in the artwork especially in architecture (perspective) and portraits. However, trace drawing has many important facets in your Read More

trace drawing - rose petal - featured thumb

Easy trace drawing | Silhouette rose | Paintology drawing app

This easy silhouette rose drawing is easy to do with the Paintology drawing app. This drawing exercise is perfect for absolute beginners who want to get into digital drawing on their phone or tablet. Once you have installed the app from the Google play store on your android device, it is very easy to do. Read More

demo in trace drawing - couples dancing - featured

Easy trace drawing | Couple dancing | Paintology drawing app | #6448

In this drawing we will do a simple trace drawing and is ideal for all beginners. In this way, you become quickly acquainted with the trace mode of drawing with Paintology. Watch the video: The drawing is simply done with one brush tool and color which anyone can easily do. For the smaller details, it Read More

coke tutorial - photo realistic

Draw a glass of coke with a straw with the aid of the trace method.

Initially, when I was practicing drawing with the Paintology app, I would often use the trace method of drawing. This mode of drawing allows me to load any type of image that you have saved or downloaded and allows you to draw over this. This is slightly different to the overlay mode of drawing where Read More

Draw Scooby cartoon character | Trace method using Paintology | Easy and fun drawing

The lovable scooby doo character from the famous TV series, Scooby Doo, Where are you!, was a favorite amongst young and adults alike. In this drawing, we are going to use the traced method to make this quick drawing of Scooby using the line brush. Instructions: Open the tutorial from the Video Tutorials section from Read More

Paintology Paint by Number | Draw a landscape (detailed) | Traced method approach

This is a new series of Paintology by Numbers where you can take your drawing skills to a whole new level! In this drawing of a picturesque nature landscape, we use the trace method of making this drawing. In this approach, you do not need to check for every color with the corresponding number to Read More

Cartoon – Trace Tutorial with the Paintology App

Watch the video on how to create a cartoon face (beginners) all the way to detailed landscapes. The only thing you need is a good dose of creativity! For more tutorials visit our website Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paintology trace tutorial – digital drawing for beginners – draw an angry bird

Drawing cartoon characters is a fun and easy way to get into digital drawing. Here we show you how using our trace function of the Paintology app. Using the charcoal brush and adjusting the size to get the weight of the drawing. Try our many other tutorial videos. Download our free Paintology app from the Read More

Draw a fairy – Paint by Numbers – Trace Method | #255

In this drawing of Paint-by-Numbers we have an easy drawing of a Fairy. For more videos, please download the Paintology app. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. App links: Artsite: Ferdouse: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Udemy: Quora: Others: Happy Drawing & Painting!

Portrait Drawing using the Paintology trace tool.

Here is a digital drawing of the famous celebrity illusionist Derren Brown (UK) using the Paintology app. We use the trace method of Paintology using the brush tool with the drawing made on a galaxy tablet. The tutorial is available on the Paintology app where you can download the traced image and follow the video Read More