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You can now post to the Community from the Web!

We know you have many things to share with the rest of us and we have made the task easy! If you have a PC or desktop, it is now super easy just to go to the paintology accounts page and post all your photos. It is super easy to add your hashtags, descriptions etc. […]

Paint by Numbers – Paint a Cupcake – Paintology Tutorial

Here we show a simple cup-cake painting that anyone can do! Download your FREE Paintology app today! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paintology.lite  

magic water illusion

Magic Trick – Water Illusion!

Here is a fun way to trick your friends and it’s very easy to do! Check out the youtube video below to find out how. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paintology.lite

Draw the Joker – Paintology Trace Tutorial

A rendition of the Joker using the Paintology app. Download the free app from the Google play store.. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paintology.lite

Draw a psychedelic face – Paintology connect the dots

In this drawing of a psychedelic face, designed for the newbies, you can use the connect the dots to steady your hand for drawing. Also give it a go in coloring the face with psychedelic colors! Happy Drawing & Painting!

Paint by Numbers – Draw Tigger – Paintology Tutorial

Here is an entertaining drawing that you can do based on the much loved children’s book series ‘Winnie the Pooh’. Paint by numbers is an extremely rapid way to develop your hands and eye coordination that helps with your drawing skills. We show you on the video how to use the zoom feature to enable […]

Paint by Numbers – Draw a Clock – Paintology Tutorial

Paint by numbers can be an important step towards becoming an artist. In this drawing of a clock we have the circular shape that develops your steady hand skills. In addition, the smaller markings provides for intricate drawing skills necessary for drawing details. We hope you enjoyed this Paint by Numbers by Paintology. Please download […]

Paint by Numbers – Paint a Fish – Paintology Tutorials

Painting by numbers is an excellent way to develop your skills in drawing and painting. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Your inspirations and creativity for drawing in freehand will come much easier with this approach. In this drawing we have 5 colors to draw this fish and the example should take you less than […]

Draw a tent – Paint by Numbers – Overlay Method

In this drawing of paint by numbers, we have an easy drawing of a tent. Add a video here… For more videos, please download the Paintology app

Draw a Fairy – Paint by Numbers – Overlay Method

In this drawing of Paint-by-Numbers we have an easy drawing of a Fairy. Add video here… For more videos, please download the Paintology app.

Paint by Numbers – Dog Clipart

In this paint-by-numbers, we are going to draw a clipart dog. There are seven colors to choose from. For more tutorials, please download the Paintology app.

Paintology Strokes Tutorial (Overlay) – Example 1

This tutorial is based on the Paintology app and is an example of an overlay tutorial using the Strokes method. Hello Faris. Happy Drawing & Painting!

How to use the Paintology Strokes Tutorial

We have added many tutorials in Paintology that utilizes the strokes method of learning to draw. The tutorial is unique in the sense that any beginner will rapidly develop the skill and confidence to extend their drawing capability. We encourage you to try this tutorial and see how easy and fun it is. You will […]

Draw a cartoon face – Anyone can draw

We continue in the series of beginners drawing tutorial with this simple drawing of cartoon. Previously, we did circles and boxes and not its time for more fun! This is a cartoon sketch that was made famous by one of the Ted talks ‘why people think they cant draw – and how to prove they […]

Draw a Fruit Veggie Bowl using Pastel Pencils

Fruits and vegetables are always popular subject material for drawing and painting. Many artists use the medium of oils and acrylics. Pastels can produce the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables. This drawing was done on dark paper and pastel pencils (Stabilo) was a good medium for this subject. Please comment below if you […]

What is stress and how to lower it – Part 2

In our previous article we discussed how stress can come about leading to stress disorders. In this article, we show you one method that you can easily turn to that will reduce your stress. The great benefit of drawing is that it allows you to redirect your attention to something that is calm and undistracted. […]

What is stress and how to lower it – Part 1

I was recently reading an article on the subject of stress and how our work lives have changed the way we handle our own internal stress. You can read more on the link below. Why stress is dangerous – and how to avoid its effects It makes for very interesting reading and one that can […]

Art Assignment – The Myth of the Tortured Artist

There is a very interesting art channel that provides insight into all art and is a must watch channel. The commentator is savyy about how the content should be presented and provides meaningful and insightful glimpse into art as we know it. This particular video gives deep and meaningful insight into the case of a […]

Digital portrait drawing of a female

Learn to develop your skills in portrait drawing with the unique tools of the Paintology app. Only available from the Paintology website. In this drawing, I use the ‘haze’ brush tool to create this drawing of a celebrity. Drawing using this method helps you to appreciate the placement of eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips and other […]

Learn to draw concentric circles – Part 1

Drawing for beginners can be a real challenge, especially when they also feel that they cannot draw the basic shapes. This is not surprising since they have not practiced or gone through a learning process that can help them get improve. In this tutorial I show you how easily you can practice with the Paintology […]