Intermediate Tutorials

pbyno butterflies flowers featured

Color beautiful butterflies| Paint by Numbers by Paintology | #7299

This coloring tutorial by Paintology is a wonderful exercise in coloring with similar colors. The Paint by numbers app by Paintology allows you to paint on your phone or tablet just like the real thing. There are many advantages to color this way which will also get you into drawing and painting in general. Here Read More

Paint by Numbers – Night Sky – Intermediate

This is an intermediate level paint by numbers tutorial. If you have not done any of the Paint by Numbers tutorial with Paintology, then I would recommend that you become comfortable with some of the easier tutorials first. Here is a video that you can watch to see how Paint by Numbers is done easily Read More

Photo realistic drawing made easy – Learn with Paintology

Photo realism is a much loved art form that has become popular over the last decade. Most of the photo realistic drawings are generally done with traditional materials. You can see many of these types of drawings and paintings from the YouTube channel. Unfortunately, they all require materials that are not easily affordable and the Read More

Day 8 – Draw the whole face using the shade Brush

This is the eighth day of the drawing sessions to learn the shade brush of the Paintology drawing app (available from Google play store) The shade brush is a versatile brush that makes great pencil drawings, just like pencil and paper. With practice, you will be able to make drawings right on your phone. Here Read More

Draw a realistic eye on your phone!

Drawing realistic eyes are very popular amongst artists Perhaps the eyes hold the window to the world with it’s majestic contrasting colors of the pupils and the eye lashes along with the flesh tones. They are an excellent way to practice drawing In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make this Read More

Draw a Boat on the Sea – Paintology #10046

In this tutorial, you can draw this boat in easy steps right on your phone! You can download and install the Paintology Drawing App from the Google play store on your phone or tablet. Open up this tutorial by searching for #10046 and the tutorial will load into your drawing canvas. You can use this Read More

hibiscus flower on the phone - black and white

Draw a hibiscus flower on your phone (b&w) – Paintology #9943

In this drawing of a hibiscus flower, we are going to use the gray tone palette with the shade brush of the Paintology Drawing App. You will note that drawing with one brush and using the colors only is very similar to drawing like in the traditional medium. This is a great way to create Read More

Draw a colored hibiscus flower – Paintology #9950

The hibiscus flower is trending subject for many artists. This is because the flower has elements that are very attractive to the eye. The long petals and the elongated stem that blossoms to a perforated soft buds. Artists prefer to draw the hibiscus flower in various mediums, including acrylics, watercolors, pencils, pastels and now in Read More

Make this ‘frogs’ drawing on your phone – Paintology #9872

This drawing can be considered as a photo realistic drawing but it is remarkably easier than you think to make this drawing. You need to follow my video to get an idea of how I did this drawing with one brush of the Paintology app. I have explained in details that drawing in the digital Read More

Paint by Number – Colorful bird painting – Paintology #9821

Birds and animals are always good subjects for painting and drawing. This is because they offer unique vibrant colors that make them stand out such as the robin or a tiger. If we use the colors properly, then we also get a painting or a drawing that can really stand out and wow the viewer. Read More

squirrel drawing on the phone

Pencil shading tutorial – Cute squirrel hugging flower drawing

We are going to use only one brush tool to make this cute drawing of a squirrel hugging a flower. Open up the tutorial on your phone or tablet #9737 of the squirrel flower video tutorial. You will find an outline of the squirrel and flower so you can get down to the business of Read More

Paint a Portrait using the shade/line brush of Paintology app

For this portrait drawing or painting tutorial, I decided to use a different approach to previous portrait drawings that I have done with the Paintology app. You will find many portrait drawings that has been done with the shade brush tool. The shade brush is a great brush to use for many types of drawings Read More

Paintology block coloring / Easy way to create unique drawings

You will probably have seen some of the recent tutorials and blog posts talking about ‘block coloring’ with the Paintology app. This new method of drawing which is fun and easy to do and is ideal for those wanting a quick reward for their efforts. Also, it increases your appreciation of gray/color tones (essential to Read More

Draw like a Pro! | Video tutorial – Dog

In this drawing, we create a more polished drawing of a dog using the Paintology app in pencil mode. The video tutorial will show you what you need to make this drawing on your phone or tablet. On this specific drawing, I have used a Galaxy S6 tablet using a stylus but you could do Read More

Color the famous Lionel Messi | Paintology #8302

The world famous footballer has shown us what great football players can do and achieve. Here is a paint by numbers by Paintology of the famous football star Lionel Messi. Here is a video to watch how to use the simple Paintology tools. Over 400 tutorials available on the app, download now from the Google Read More

Color Spiderman | Paintology Paint by Nos #7827

Spider man is a very popular drawing and coloring subject for many users and rightfully so. The recent box office movie success has just elevated its popularity! In this spiderman coloring exercise, you can do your own wall art to show off to your friends and family! Coloring of the Spider Man character Fantastic range Read More

Draw the Duchess of Cambridge portrait | Paintology pencil app #7847

In this pencil drawing of the Duchess of Cambridge recent portrait photos, we use the pencil mode of Paintology to make this drawing. Watch the video for this drawing to do one yourself! We also have a Paint by Numbers of the colored photo shot which you can also do! Here is the video that Read More

block coloring Monet - featured

Create unique paintings using the Block Coloring with Paintology (#9700)

The block coloring is a great way for beginners to get into digital painting. It doesn’t require that much skill and it will help you to develop your appreciation of digital drawing as well as art skills. If you want to learn more about this method of doing artwork, please visit the posts below. This Read More

Pencil drawing of cute kitten | Paintology pencil drawing #7616

My daughter is very fond of kittens and I thought I would do a drawing here for everyone. You can take this drawing as far as you want and try to recreate something that is realistic depending on your drawing skills. However, don’t get frustrated if you are unable to achieve the same drawing that Read More

pbyno wild cat featured

Complete the Paint by Numbers | Wild Cat by Paintology #7609

Sometimes it is helpful to get a head start on a project that you are working on, so we thought we might give you a semi complete coloring exercise. Here is a wild cat paint by numbers coloring exercise for you to try on your phone or tablet (links below). Enjoy completing the drawing! When Read More

The Rock tutorial post - featured

Draw ‘The Rock’ on Paintology | Step by Step Tutorial

This is a ‘pencil’ drawing of the famous actor Dwayne Johnson who often has the nickname ‘The Rock’. Depending on your level of skills, you can take this drawing to what you feel most comfortable with. For example, you can stop on the outline which is basically tracing the outline of the main features of Read More

Draw venice bridge - Pencil featured

Draw this bridge in Venice | Learn the straight lines tool – Paintology

Most of us love drawing and if you are looking to make those drawings that are dear to you but requires more patience and practice, then you have come to the right place. One of the simplest subjects for drawing are landscapes and nature since nature is random but yet beautiful to the observer. However, Read More

Draw a cute girl winking | Step by step video tutorial | Paintology

Here are Paintology everyone loves drawing and more so on the Paintology pencil drawing app available from the Google play store. We thought you might like this particularly cute drawing of a girl winking! When doing this drawing on the Pencil app, try to understand where all the shades are situated. Look for the dark Read More

Draw a bird - featured pencil drawing

Draw a bird | Pencil Drawing with Paintology

Drawing has been a challenge for many and for some it’s as natural as daylight. I believe this has a lot to do with your observation of the objects around you and your skills in handling a particular medium. If you want to know more, take a look at the below Quora post. Like Read More

PbyNo - color a bull - template

Draw & color a bull | Paint by number | Paintology | #6742

In this coloring tutorial, you will color this striking image of a bull with your Paintology drawing app. If you have not drawn with the Paintology app before, please download the app from the Google play store (links below). The app will provide you with some great drawing and coloring exercises to get you into Read More

PbyNo - Venice featured

Color a Venice Waterfront Scene | Paintology | #7046

This beautiful waterfront scene of the famous Venice city is wonderfully colorful and ideal for a Paint by Numbers drawing. If you are new to the Paint by Numbers app, I would recommend that you start of doing the easy ones such as with lower number of colors and big coloring regions. For example, the Read More

PbyNo - lantern featured

Color a lantern | Paint by number | Paintology | #6693

Coloring is a great way to get into painting and drawing. It can help you understand how colors interact, the perspective in distant views, contrast and an overall appreciation when you come to do your own painting. The Paintology drawing app is a great little app that you can use on your Android phone or Read More

PbyNo - thumb - car viper

Color a viper supercar | Paint by nos | Paintology | #6618

We have done a few cars in our Paint by numbers tutorials which you can try. We thought it would be a good idea to try this one of the viper supercar for all those car lovers out there. The coloring exercise is a bit more complicated than usual and you may want to try Read More

PbyNo - sunset cactus - featured

A cactus sunset | Paint by number | Paintology | #6606

This beautiful landscape is ideal for beginners who want to get into drawing on their phone. The big range of colors (12) gives a striking picture of a cactus tree set against vibrant desert sunset. You can do this coloring right on your phone and increase your drawing and coloring skills. You will find many Read More

pbyno - drawing the eye template

Draw an eye | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6530

We are going to do another coloring of an eye. The eye has been a great subject over the years for drawing and painting. It is no wonder that people say that the eye is the window to the soul. Apart from this intrigue and fascination of the eye, it is a great subject to Read More

gold fish - pbyno template

Color a goldfish | Paint by nos. | Paintology drawing app | #6496

As a child we have always been intrigued and fascinated by the goldfish in a bowl. In actual fact, I won one in a fare and kept in a bowl. I loved watching it swirl around the bowl and picking things from the bottom. Swimming to the surface to get some air. In this coloring Read More

PbyNo - burger colored featured

Paint by Numbers | Color a burger | Paintology Drawing App | #6349

There are many subjects to draw with the Paintology drawing app available from the Google play store. One of the methods that is used to improve your drawing is Paint by Numbers. In this approach, you load a drawing template onto your phone or tablet and paint over it. This is just like coloring using Read More

draw a lion - PbyNo - featured

Draw a Lion (abstract) – Paint by Numbers | #6208

In this Paint by Numbers tutorial by Paintology (Google play store), we will make this paint by numbers drawing of a lion on our phone or tablet. These kind of abstract animal drawings are a great fun way to get into painting and looks very nice on a wall or printed out from your tablet Read More

draw with shared - featured

Drawing a gray toned horse | Paintology pencil drawing

In this video, you can watch a demo of how to draw a horse using the gray tones of the color palette of Paintology. You may want to try out the free course on Udemy which shows you step by step on how to make this realistic drawing of a horse using the Paintology app. Read More

#13 – Paint Along with Fred – Paint illusion of depth with a Landscape tutorial

Draw and paint with depth. The video tutorial shows you how using the Paintology app. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paint along with Fred #12 – Paint an abstract horse with Paintology

Art is all about creativity and abstract drawing and painting is one form of art that is worth doing. With Paintology app and it’s versatile tools for drawing, I show you one approach to abstract drawing. Remember, this is just one approach and you can use other methods for creating abstract drawings. Check out all Read More

Paint along with Fred #11 – Draw a manga head using Paintology

Anime has become a worldwide success and many enjoy drawing manga cartoon figures due to the striking and recognizable features of the face. Here we show you how to draw a manga face using a loose version of the Loomis head drawing. The drawing was made on the Paintology version 1.1 and the new version Read More

Paint along with Fred #10 – Learn shading – Draw an eye

Here we focus on using tools to create the subtle shadings that are required to draw an eye. You can do shading in one of two ways using the Paintology app: 1. You can select a mid-tone from the color palette and and move the cursor to a lighter or a darker tone on the Read More

Paint along with Fred #9 – Learn to draw a cat with hardness & density settings

In this drawing I demonstrate the hardness and density settings of the brush tool in Paintology to create a focus and unfocused image, giving depth to the final drawing. The hardness & density settings are the tools on Paintology that allows you to create a ‘toned’ image in comparison to a flat image. This is Read More

Paint along with Fred #8 – Draw a sunset – learn to use the Paintology color picker

Drawing a sunset is made easier with the color picker tool of Paintology. Here it is put to good effect for drawing a sunset with all of its vibrant colors. You can do a drawing like this under 30 mins or so. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paint along with Fred #7 – Learn zoom tool of Paintology

Use the zoom feature of Paintology to do this line drawing of Brigitte Bardot. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Learn shading with Paintology – Draw a face

Paintology has some good tools for you to create striking drawings such as the hardness and density settings. With these tools you can add dimension to your drawing as in this example of a quick sketch of a girls face. Try it out and let us know what you think! Download the free Paintology app Read More

Lineart drawing of a footpath – Paintology tutorial

Draw a lineart drawing of a village footpath using the Paintology trace method.

Abstract Drawing – Paintology Tutorial

Abstract paintings and drawing are very popular. Why not try your hand with one using the Paintology app? It is easier to do an abstract painting than you think. It allows for creative expression and you need to move the colors and shapes around to see what looks good. Don’t worry about the technicalities of Read More

An abstract face – Paintology tutorial

The drawing was done with the ‘sticks’ tool of Paintology to create an expressionistic abstract face. Look for more tutorials on drawing of portraits and many other subjects to suit all skill levels. Happy Drawing & Painting!

PbyNo elephant drawing template

Draw an Elephant- Paint by Numbers | #323

Painting by numbers makes it simple. This elephant needs a lot of colours to draw, so this is an intermediate drawing for when you have mastered the beginners’ tutorials. Check out a good youtube tutorial on how to use the Paintology app tools. Resources Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. App Read More

Draw a Moose- Paint by Numbers | #313

Painting by numbers makes it simple. This moose needs a lot of colours to draw, so this is an intermediate drawing for when you have mastered the beginners’ tutorials.

Draw a Bald Eagle – Paint by Numbers – Paintology Tutorials | #293

This is one of many Paint by Numbers tutorials offered with the Paintology app. Get your copy now and have fun working though all of them. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Draw a lineart fruit drawing – Paintology tutorials

In this lineart drawing of fruits using the Paintology app, we show you how easy it is to make an impressive drawing. This drawing can be done very rapidly with little time using the trace method since we are not concerned so much on the shape. Find out more tutorials like this on our Paintology Read More

Paintology Drawing – Best Friends for Life

In this colorful drawing, I show you how easy it is to make this drawing with lineart and some simple colors. You will need the Paintology app to use this tutorial and download and use is completely free. Get your copy today. Please check out more fun tutorials to improve your drawing skills. Happy Drawing Read More

An abstract drawing created with Paintology

Creating abstract drawings is always good practice since you are mainly focussed on colors and form. In this drawing of an abstract created on a galaxy tablet, I tried to increase the latitude of the drawing by highlight specific whites and blacks. Highlighting is an important skill to master in drawing since it can make Read More

Draw sunlight through wooded trees – Paintology

In this wooded scene, the idea is to capture the intense sunlight shining through the cracks of the trees. The video will show you the step by step process of creating this drawing including the brush style, colors etc. Try it out yourself on the free downloadable Paintology app. Firstly, you want to draw the Read More

Draw fruits the easy way!

In this drawing, I show you how easy it is to draw fruits using the combination of line art and the tracing method offered in the Paintology app. In this tutorial, I decided to color the original reference image and use the line art to define the edges and shadows. I went further to use Read More

Draw a Fox

In this digital drawing of a fox, I used the trace feature of the Paintology app along with the ‘haze dark’ brush tool. One could have used other brushes, but if you have followed my previous drawings, I tend to try out different brushes for the various drawings with no particular technique in mind. Usually, Read More

Draw a Pen with Paintology

In this video I show you how to draw a pen using the shade brush tool of Paintology. This digital drawing is very similar to drawing on paper and pencil where the same techniques apply. For example, the shape and form of the object you are trying to draw as well as matching the tonal Read More

Paint Flowers Impressionism – Paintology Tutorial

Impressionism was a classic movement in the early century that led to great works of art by well known masters. You may have heard of Van Gogh, Monet, Turner, Picasso and many others who produced artworks in this domain. In this drawing of the flowers, we attempt to create some form of expressionism which can Read More

An Abstract Street Scene – Paintology Trace Tutorial

Here is an interesting drawing that you can do and put your creativity into it. This is just an example of how you create a semi-abstract or expressionistic drawings. Please try out all the other tutorials in the Landscape tutorials section. Happy Drawing & Painting!

A wintery river scene – Paintology Tutorial

In this drawing of a wintery scene, we show you how to work with color tones and values to give depth to the drawing. Look for more tutorials on your Paintology app. Happy Drawing & Painting!