Traditional Medium

Draw an outline of a Rose – phone drawing with Paintology

This is an easy line drawing that you can make on your phone. You can find this tutorial under the Tutorials section after you have installed the app. The app is available from the Google play store, links to store and resources provided at the end. If you like traditional drawing such as pencil and Read More

Block coloring – Sandro Botticelli – Birth of Venus #9993

Block coloring is an excellent method of making fun paintings on the digital medium using the Paintology Drawing App. The method is unique to Paintology and you can find more information from the links provided at the end of this post. We are going to make this famous painting by Sandro Botticelli, The birth of Read More

Create pastel portraits easily and quickly

Real time step by step process of pastel chalk portrait drawing. Materials used for this drawing were as follows: Strathmore 9×12 toned gray paper – about $10 (you can use other medium too, which I have done) Mungyo pastels (64 sticks) – about $8 Generals charcoal pencils – dark and white Stabilo pastel pencils (you Read More

Pastel portrait drawing that anyone can do!

Here is a review of a pastel drawing that I do very quickly and easily, which anyone can do. All you need are the following materials.. Mixed media paper (preferably toned gray or other color) Pastel chalks (the Mungyo brand that you can get for under $10) Pastel and charcoal pencils for the highlights (any Read More

Transfer images from a tablet to a drawing paper quickly and accurately.

I show you how to improve your portrait drawing using an efficient method of just your tablet and some tracing paper. Materials needed: Tracing paper, tablet, charcoal pencil.

Learn to draw a horse using charcoal

Charcoal is a great medium to get started in drawing. It gives intense dark and white colors making your drawing stand out. The intensity also means that you need to be more loose in your strokes unlike the graphite medium. Here, I have used Generals charcoal pencils on Strathmore gray toned paper to draw a Read More

Draw a Koi fish in charcoal

I show you how to draw a Koi fish in charcoal very easily and quickly. The contrasting dark and white colors of the charcoal makes the drawing stand out. Look for more video uploads daily!

Draw a water droplet in charcoals

Realism drawing can be easy to do with charcoal and the right medium. Here I demonstrate how to use charcoals on a black media pad to draw a slow motion water droplet. Share this link: The task of drawing realistic drawings is made easier if you can break up the image into tones. The Read More

Colored Pastel drawing of a child

I used a gray toned paper with pastel pencils to create this drawing of a child. You can watch the youtube video to do one yourself. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Draw a Sparkling Cocktail Drink with Pastels

What better than to do this drawing of a cocktail drink that had some bright bouncy colors! Again, I used a dark pad (Artagain) and Stabilo pastel pencils. The contrast of the dark paper and the colors of the pastel can make drawings stand out. i can think of many ways of improving this drawing, Read More

Draw an apple with water droplets

Other realism painters I have seen in youtube use a combination of markers, pens, pencils to achieve hyper realistic drawings. I do have some understanding why they would use those types of mediums, but I tend to be a bit minimalistic and stick to the pastel pencils that I have. I did think that the Read More

Draw a Fruit Veggie Bowl using Pastel Pencils

Fruits and vegetables are always popular subject material for drawing and painting. Many artists use the medium of oils and acrylics. Pastels can produce the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables. This drawing was done on dark paper and pastel pencils (Stabilo) was a good medium for this subject. Please comment below if you Read More

Learn to draw a dog with charcoals

Charcoal is an excellent medium for making striking drawings due their high contrast over pencils. However, you do need some drawing experience to get the best out of charcoals. In the following video, I show you how to draw a dog with the details that most people look for in a good drawing. The materials Read More

Draw a tiger in charcoals

Animals are a great subject to improve your drawings especially if you work with charcoals. Aside from drawing landscapes which are easier, the next best subject would be animals, due to their minimal features of the head. Here is a drawing of a tiger that I did using charcoal on Strathmore Artagain paper (coal black). Read More