Pencil Drawing on Phones

Pencil drawing - Anime - Featured

Anime pencil drawing | Paintology Pencil Drawing app

This is a relatively easy drawing which will improve your drawing strokes. Since the traced image is not shaded this would be considered an anime line drawing with pencil. When doing this exercise, first try to get a handle on the line brush. Practice doing the strokes, you can always undo or redo the strokes. Read More

Pencil Drawing Portrait Featured

Draw a simple Portrait | Paintology Pencil Drawing

This is an easy drawing to tackle where you can use the trace mode to select the gray tones and the brush widths to use for this drawing. Like all drawings, it takes some skills to master shading to get a portrait exactly right. It is best to start by sketching and then gradually developing Read More

An easy way to draw Water Drops || 3D Heart Water Drop – Paintology || By Ferdouse

Here’s a really good way to draw these much loved 3D drawings of water drops. Normally, these drawings are done on paper with pencil or colored pens but we can make this drawing using the Paintology app, on your phone or tablet! Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paint by Number Drawing of Indian actress Priyanka || Learn Drawing with Paintology

In this paint by number drawing of the actress Priyanka, we make use of eight colors to make this drawing. If you are new to this app and drawing with paint by number, I would recommend that you try the easy drawings first with less colors and details. Learning to draw by Paint by Number Read More

Draw Scooby cartoon character | Trace method using Paintology | Easy and fun drawing

The lovable scooby doo character from the famous TV series, Scooby Doo, Where are you!, was a favorite amongst young and adults alike. In this drawing, we are going to use the traced method to make this quick drawing of Scooby using the line brush. Instructions: Open the tutorial from the Video Tutorials section from Read More

draw kitty featured website

Draw a cute kitty on your phone or tablet

Most of us are very comfortable drawing with pencil and paper but with the recent explosion of tablets and phones, wouldn’t it be nice to do the same on those devices. Fortunately, you can now with the Paintology drawing app, which is freely available from the Google play store. The Paintology app is somewhat different Read More

chadwick tutorial - photo realistic

Draw Chadwick Boseman on your phone using the Paintology app

It’s quite surprising how much you can do on your phone with a little bit of effort. In this drawing, I show you how to use the Paintology app (available from the Google play store) to make a portrait drawing of Chadwick Boseman. The beauty of this drawing is that I used one brush tool Read More

Paint along with Fred #11 – Draw a manga head using Paintology

Anime has become a worldwide success and many enjoy drawing manga cartoon figures due to the striking and recognizable features of the face. Here we show you how to draw a manga face using a loose version of the Loomis head drawing. The drawing was made on the Paintology version 1.1 and the new version Read More

Paint along with Fred – Draw a tree #4

Paint along with Fred #4 – Draw a tree. Drawing nature allows you to express more with your pencil, pastels or brushes. It also develops your drawing and painting skills. Follow me on this video of drawing a tree. You can also download the free Paintology app from the Google play store… Download the free Read More

Draw along with Fred – Line art drawing

Line art drawing made easy with the Paintology app. See how quickly you can create a line art drawing with our free Paintology app. Download from the google play store… Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Learn shading with Paintology – Draw a face

Paintology has some good tools for you to create striking drawings such as the hardness and density settings. With these tools you can add dimension to your drawing as in this example of a quick sketch of a girls face. Try it out and let us know what you think! Download the free Paintology app Read More

Draw an Owl- Paintology Connect the Dots

Now you can draw this Owl by Connecting the Dots. This is for absolute beginners, and shouldn’t take a lot of time to complete.

Cartoon – Trace Tutorial with the Paintology App

Watch the video on how to create a cartoon face (beginners) all the way to detailed landscapes. The only thing you need is a good dose of creativity! For more tutorials visit our website Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.