Pencil Drawing on Phones

Abstract landscape on your phone!

This is a quick and easy drawing of an abstract landscape that you can do directly on your phone! Once you have the Paintology Android app on your phone, you can type the unique id (#10417) to load this tutorial or just press tutorials button to go to almost 500 drawing tutorials. You can watch Read More

Warm Xmas wishes from a Raccoon!

This is a fun drawing of a Raccoon you can do right on your phone! Here is a video of this drawing… How to do this tutorial: Once you have downloaded and installed the Paintology drawing app, you can go to the home page and search for #10399. This will load the trace template of Read More

Draw a Boat on the Sea – Paintology #10046

In this tutorial, you can draw this boat in easy steps right on your phone! You can download and install the Paintology Drawing App from the Google play store on your phone or tablet. Open up this tutorial by searching for #10046 and the tutorial will load into your drawing canvas. You can use this Read More

Draw a hibiscus flower on your phone (b&w) – Paintology #9943

In this drawing of a hibiscus flower, we are going to use the gray tone palette with the shade brush of the Paintology Drawing App. You will note that drawing with one brush and using the colors only is very similar to drawing like in the traditional medium. This is a great way to create Read More

Realistic Glass Bottles drawing – Paintology #9989

This is an exercise in shading with one brush of the Paintology Drawing App available from the Google play store. Glass is always a great subject to test our realistic drawing techniques. Now that we have digital technology within easy reach, it makes sense to draw with our phones and tablets. The Paintology Drawing App Read More

3D drawing of a glass with water – Paintology #10028

The Paintology Drawing App available from the Google play store is a very versatile app that allows you to make simple but entertaining drawings to please anyone. You can watch the video to see how you can make this 3D drawing of a glass with water to amaze your friends and family. All you need Read More

Commemorate the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II – Paintology #9992

This is an easy drawing of the late Queen Elizabeth II in fond memory of her recent passing. This drawing was done on my Samsung Note 10 phone using a stylus and the Paintology Drawing App from the Google play store. Once you have installed the Paintology app from the google play store, just open Read More

Super easy pencil drawing of Anime boy – Paintology #9964

This super easy drawing of an anime boy in black and white takes no more than 15 minutes to do! You can open up this tutorial on your app by searching for the ID #9964. This will load the pencil drawing template of the anime boy where the outline is already drawn for you. You Read More

Make this ‘frogs’ drawing on your phone – Paintology #9872

This drawing can be considered as a photo realistic drawing but it is remarkably easier than you think to make this drawing. You need to follow my video to get an idea of how I did this drawing with one brush of the Paintology app. I have explained in details that drawing in the digital Read More

Make this easy pen drawing on your Phone!

In this tutorial we are going to make this very easy and simple outline drawing of a girl with a headphone. The tutorial is based around the Paintology trace mode of drawing which is a great way of improving your drawing and painting skills with the app. Here is the final drawing you can also Read More

elephant drawing featured

Elephant silhouette drawing – Paintology trace mode

Digital drawing today has become very popular with a range of apps that caters to the growing artists that use their phones and tablets. The Paintology drawing app available for Android users is great to make quick drawings on your phone or tablet. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. With the Read More

Pencil shading tutorial – Cute squirrel hugging flower drawing

We are going to use only one brush tool to make this cute drawing of a squirrel hugging a flower. Open up the tutorial on your phone or tablet #9737 of the squirrel flower video tutorial. You will find an outline of the squirrel and flower so you can get down to the business of Read More

Make a cute drawing of a girl under a tree & moonlight with butterflies

This cute drawing is ideal for beginners and is easily done on your phone or tablet in less than half an hour. All you need to do is load the tutorial #9651 by searching on the home page of the app. Once the outline has been loaded, it is a simple matter to go over Read More

Paint a Portrait using the shade/line brush of Paintology app

For this portrait drawing or painting tutorial, I decided to use a different approach to previous portrait drawings that I have done with the Paintology app. You will find many portrait drawings that has been done with the shade brush tool. The shade brush is a great brush to use for many types of drawings Read More

featured diamond drawing

Draw a diamond with block coloring using Paintology #9562

Use the easy and fun block coloring method of drawing with Paintology to do a drawing of this diamond. This drawing can be considered as a photo realistic drawing and you can compare the original with the drawing in Fig.1. Block coloring is a new approach to drawing that allows for the method of drawing Read More

Learn shading | Draw a fruit bowl with Paintology

Drawing fruits especially in grayscale is a great way to learn shading. It has long been a favorite subject of artists who want to improve their drawing and painting skills. The great advantage of drawing a bowl of fruit are the subtle shades of the shadows where the various fruits sit on top of each Read More

thumb water drops

Draw realistic water droplets on your phone!

Water droplets are always an interesting subject to draw and they are not that difficult to do. In this tutorial we are going to make a realistic water droplets drawing using the Paintology drawing app (Google play store). You can find the links to the app and other social sites at the end of the Read More

thumb anime boy

Draw an Anime Boy on your Phone

In this tutorial we are going to make this simple outline drawing of an anime boy using the trace method. The trace method is a great way to learn drawing on the phone and to improve yours skills in drawing in general. You can load your favorite pics in the trace mode and draw outlines Read More

Draw a Leopard / Fast and Easy Drawing – Super Fun!

From our previous ‘block coloring’ method of drawing, we are going to expand this technique to make this drawing of a leopard on our phone. This is a rapid and fast drawing, but the results are good which you will enjoy and most likely use it for your own drawings. This video drawing is somewhat Read More

paintology thumb featured - womans realistic

Draw a Realistic Face of a Woman on your Phone!

Realistic drawing with the Paintology app is not that difficult at all, providing you understand the mechanism of drawing on the digital medium. I am not saying that you need to understand all the digital features of the app since you should be able to transition your drawing or painting skills from one medium to Read More

Anime Girl Drawing / Detailed drawing on your Phone!

There are many pencil drawings that are done on paper. However, did you know you can make similar drawings on your phone and tablet? Practicing on your phone/tablet is a great way to improve your drawing skills. Don’t think for a moment that there is a big learning curve due to the technical difference of Read More

Draw a realistic daisy flower / Beginners step by step tutorial

Drawing is a great pastime, providing you don’t block yourself from doubts or self-confidence. Many people have a tendency to do this and unfortunately they don’t pursue this art and as a result will not tap into their hidden creativity. Drawing is like riding a bike, you just need to keep pressing on, if you Read More

Draw a cute girl on the phone / Beginners drawing

This is an easy drawing that you can do on your phone using the Paintology app. The shade brush is very similar to a pencil and you can create easy shading with this tool. It is more easier than using pencil and paper because you have control over the size and gray tones much more Read More

Beginners pencil drawing / Wolf/ on your phone!

Pencil drawing is perhaps one of the biggest pastimes that any youngster and even adults are likely to participate. It is the ultimate form of expression where you are using your skills in hand and eye coordination and transferring to paper. Many who see other artists draw with such ease are at a loss on Read More

3D Drawing on your Phone!

3D art can be very fun to draw! Why not try your hand in 3D drawing with the Paintology app. Here is the final drawing that is very easy to do with the straight lines tool of the Paintology app. The video below will show you how you can make this easy drawing to fool Read More

How to draw a face for Beginners/ EASY WAY TO DRAW A GIRL FACE

In this pencil drawing with the Paintology app we do a beginners easy way to draw a girl’s face The brush used for this drawing is the shade brush which is a great brush for all types of drawings including photo realistic drawings. The original drawing using the traditional pencil and paper can be found Read More

Draw an Anime Female Portrait | Line drawing with Paintology

Here is an easy drawing for people who love anime characters. The drawing was done in under 30 mins on the Samsung Note 10 phone using the Paintology app. You can do this drawing on any phone or tablet. The line drawing feature of the Paintology app is easy to do using the trace mode Read More

Draw Naruto on your phone | Paintology app

Naruto is a famous anime character much loved by many people young or old. Here is an opportunity to draw your very own Naruto on your phone or tablet using the Paintology app (available from the google play store). Here is the completed drawing that was done on the Samsung tablet. Tips to drawing Naruto: Read More

Super easy anime drawing & coloring | Paintology app

In this exercise we are going to make a drawing and coloring of a cute anime girl. Anime are usually recognizable from the large eyes and a perky nose. You can find more Anime tutorials in the Video Tutorials section of the app. Here is the completed drawing: When doing this drawing, don’t worry about Read More

Draw a colored Anime | Paintology block painting

We have drawn a number of traced images earlier, mainly portraits. This was done by loading an image of our choice in Trace mode of the Paintology app and then picking up colors using the color picker and applying to our drawing canvas. We do a colored drawing with this colorful Anime. Here is the Read More

Draw a Female Anime Portrait | Line drawing with Paintology

The previous tutorial on drawing an anime portrait won quite a lot of fans. You can find this tutorial at the end of the post. Here we are going to do something similar by using the line brush but add a few touches like the gray shade to give it visual impact. Here is the Read More

Learn to draw a photo realistic Zebra | Paintology app

In this tutorial, I show you how you can create a photo realistic drawing of a zebra using the Paintology app. I use two brushes only (shade and line) to create this drawing. The line brush is great for darker deeper colors with a sharp edge and the shade brush is used as a blending Read More

Draw like a Pro! | Video tutorial – Dog

In this drawing, we create a more polished drawing of a dog using the Paintology app in pencil mode. The video tutorial will show you what you need to make this drawing on your phone or tablet. On this specific drawing, I have used a Galaxy S6 tablet using a stylus but you could do Read More

Draw a bed | Straight lines tool – Paintology

For many readers who enjoy drawing, you might like to know that I regularly post on the subject of drawing and painting on the Quora site. Here is the link to my profile where you can find many answers related to beginners drawings and painting. I found an interesting question posted on Quora the other Read More

grace kelly featured

Phone drawing of Grace Kelly | Paintology app

In this drawing, I use three brush tools to create the drawing of the stunning actress Grace Kelly. Previously, I kept to one brush tool, but this time, I decided to use the 3 brushes for good reason. Brush tools used: Shade Line Charcoal The shade brush tool has a soft effect and some of Read More

Line drawing of a Unicorn | Paintology Tutorials

Line drawings can be more fun and less tedious on the digital medium than doing it the traditional way. In traditional line drawings, you will need a straight edge like a ruler and drawing the lines that way. In digital mediums, line drawings are relatively easy and you just need to use a simple tool Read More

anime line drawing - featured

Draw an Anime Portrait | Line drawing with Paintology

One of the skills that you can develop in drawing is to do line drawing. In this tutorial I show you how quickly you can draw this anime portrait in the traced mode of the Paintology drawing app. Below is the final drawing after spending a few minutes tracing on my Samsung phone. It is Read More

Line drawing of a rabbit | Paintology tutorial

Here is another fun and simple line drawing that you can do on the Paintology app. Watch the video below to use the simple tools for this straight line drawing on the Paintology drawing app from Google. Check out the other tutorials below: See all the the other line and pencil tutorials for you to Read More

Line Drawing with Paintology | Learn Drawing on the Phone

Traditional drawing has been a great pastime for hundreds of years. Now that most of us have smart phones and tablets you can do it directly on your phone using the free app Paintology! In this drawing of a fox or wolfs head (straight line drawing), we show you the tools used to create the Read More

Draw a Cute Girl | Pencil Drawing with Paintology

Most of us love drawing with pencil and paper. You can now draw on your phone just like the real thing with the Paintology app. Check out the video below: Notes on the drawing: Why make drawing difficult on the phone, after all, the traditional way of drawing with pencil and paper is very simple! Read More

Line Drawing of a Woman’s Face | Paintology Pencil Drawings

In this drawing of a woman’s face, we use the straight line tool of Paintology to make this drawing. Based on the other line drawings, this drawing takes creativity to another level where more distinct features of a face can be created while still using the straight lines tool. Instead of one color we vary Read More

Line drawing Penguin | Super easy and fun!

Here is another line drawing, super simple and easy to do with the Paintology app. Check out the other line drawings of the same. Watch a video to see how creative you can be! Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. App links: Artsite: Ferdouse: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Udemy: Quora: Read More

line drawing antelope featured

Line Drawing – Antelope | Straight lines tool – Paintology

With the previous popularity of the line drawing of a fox’s head, we have decided to add another for you to try. Here is a line drawing of an antelope. It’s a bit more than the previous, so you will need to zoom and rotate to get an accurate line drawing. However, it’s all good Read More

Draw the Duchess of Cambridge portrait | Paintology pencil app #7847

In this pencil drawing of the Duchess of Cambridge recent portrait photos, we use the pencil mode of Paintology to make this drawing. Watch the video for this drawing to do one yourself! We also have a Paint by Numbers of the colored photo shot which you can also do! Here is the video that Read More

Pencil drawing of cute kitten | Paintology pencil drawing #7616

My daughter is very fond of kittens and I thought I would do a drawing here for everyone. You can take this drawing as far as you want and try to recreate something that is realistic depending on your drawing skills. However, don’t get frustrated if you are unable to achieve the same drawing that Read More

The Rock tutorial post - featured

Draw ‘The Rock’ on Paintology | Step by Step Tutorial

This is a ‘pencil’ drawing of the famous actor Dwayne Johnson who often has the nickname ‘The Rock’. Depending on your level of skills, you can take this drawing to what you feel most comfortable with. For example, you can stop on the outline which is basically tracing the outline of the main features of Read More

Draw a Cute Christmas Tree | Paintology Phone App #7328

In this cute drawing of a Christmas tree, you can have fund following the step by step video tutorial. There is a few things to learn when doing this drawing. We first want to lay down all the colors without worrying about the accuracy in the initial stages. This is a technique used my all Read More

Draw venice bridge - Pencil featured

Draw this bridge in Venice | Learn the straight lines tool – Paintology

Most of us love drawing and if you are looking to make those drawings that are dear to you but requires more patience and practice, then you have come to the right place. One of the simplest subjects for drawing are landscapes and nature since nature is random but yet beautiful to the observer. However, Read More

Draw a cute girl winking | Step by step video tutorial | Paintology

Here are Paintology everyone loves drawing and more so on the Paintology pencil drawing app available from the Google play store. We thought you might like this particularly cute drawing of a girl winking! When doing this drawing on the Pencil app, try to understand where all the shades are situated. Look for the dark Read More

Line drawing of a dog | Draw on your phone

In this line drawing of a dog, we use a different approach to doing this from the previous line drawings. Here, we use lines to go over the dog’s outer regions and then draw the inner regions and fill in the areas. In this way we can get the thicker variations of the lines that Read More

Draw Will Smith | Draw on your Phone

The unmistakable actor Will Smith has a very distinct face and is perfect for drawing! Here is another outline of this superstar where you can use the shade brush to complete the drawing. Digital drawing is the way to go due to the powerful drawing capabilities. The Paintology app has been developed from the bottom Read More

Draw Adele on your Phone | Pencil Drawing with Paintology

Here is another drawing that you can do of the famous British singer Adele. If you love pencil drawing, you will love drawing this way on the Pencil Drawing app by Paintology. Try many other free tutorials to draw on your phone or tablet, over 400 to choose from! Check out this video to see Read More

ben stiller pencil drawing featured

Draw Ben Stiller on your Phone | Pencil Drawing by Paintology

Here is an outline drawing that you can draw over to add the shades of this famous actor Ben Stiller. Try many of the other free tutorials available in Paintology, over 400 to choose from! Here is a video on how to draw on your phone. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play Read More

Draw a Rose | Paintology pencil drawing

In this drawing demo, I show you how to draw a rose on the Pencil drawing app by Paintology. Drawing on paper with pencil can be fun and engaging, but did you also know that you can do the same thing on your phone. You just need the right app for this. With the Paintology Read More

featured image - girl with umbrella

How to draw a girl with an umbrella step by step / Easy drawing for girls step by step

In this tutorial we use the Pencil drawing mode of the Paintology app to create this drawing of a girl with umbrella. In the Pencil mode of drawing, we use the gray scale to select the gray tones to make this quick drawing which can be done in less than half an hour. Make sure Read More

Draw a purple eyed girl - Paintology Pencil App

Draw a beautiful purple eyed girl – Pencil drawing on your phone

This drawing was inspired by a similar drawing from the Youtuber ‘Farjana Drawing Academy’. You can see her original video below. How to draw a beautiful blue eyed girl -Pencil Sketch | She is staring sadly with her finger on lips With the Paintology pencil drawing app, you can make a similar drawing and be Read More

pencil drawing on phones

Pencil drawing sketches | Draw Ertgrul Ghazi Example | Paintology pencil drawing app

Pencil drawing and sketches are a great way to make quick visually stunning drawings on paper or canvas. Pencil Mediums Most of these types of pencil drawings are done with a graphite pencil but colored pencils can also be used to make these drawings. You can check out the many pencil, charcoal, graphite and pastel Read More

featured - pencil drawing of a phone tutorial

Draw a Hand Holding a Phone / Phone 12 Pro Max Held in Hand – Pencil Drawing App

In this drawing, we make use of the line and brush tool of the Pencil app (Paintology) to make this drawing. The drawing is fairly easy for anyone to do providing you follow the initial instructions shown in the video below. For the straight edges of the Phone 12 Pro Max, we select the line Read More

tutorial - pencil - gray tone trees featured

Learn the shades of gray | Paintology pencil drawing app

One of the techniques all artists learn when drawing is to appreciate the gray color tone. This becomes even more important when drawing with pencil, charcoal etc. since they just involve black and gray tones. In this drawing you will not only appreciate the gray color tones, but the tones as applied to a real Read More

Draw a bird - featured pencil drawing

Draw a bird | Pencil Drawing with Paintology

Drawing has been a challenge for many and for some it’s as natural as daylight. I believe this has a lot to do with your observation of the objects around you and your skills in handling a particular medium. If you want to know more, take a look at the below Quora post. Like Read More

Pencil drawing - Anime - Featured

Anime pencil drawing | Paintology Pencil Drawing app

This is a relatively easy drawing which will improve your drawing strokes. Since the traced image is not shaded this would be considered an anime line drawing with pencil. When doing this exercise, first try to get a handle on the line brush. Practice doing the strokes, you can always undo or redo the strokes. Read More

Pencil Drawing Portrait Featured

Draw a simple Portrait | Paintology Pencil Drawing

This is an easy drawing to tackle where you can use the trace mode to select the gray tones and the brush widths to use for this drawing. Like all drawings, it takes some skills to master shading to get a portrait exactly right. It is best to start by sketching and then gradually developing Read More

draw with shared - featured

Drawing a gray toned horse | Paintology pencil drawing

In this video, you can watch a demo of how to draw a horse using the gray tones of the color palette of Paintology. You may want to try out the free course on Udemy which shows you step by step on how to make this realistic drawing of a horse using the Paintology app. Read More

Draw Scooby cartoon character | Trace method using Paintology | Easy and fun drawing

The lovable scooby doo character from the famous TV series, Scooby Doo, Where are you!, was a favorite amongst young and adults alike. In this drawing, we are going to use the traced method to make this quick drawing of Scooby using the line brush. Instructions: Open the tutorial from the Video Tutorials section from Read More

An easy way to draw Water Drops || 3D Heart Water Drop – Paintology || By Ferdouse

Here’s a really good way to draw these much loved 3D drawings of water drops. Normally, these drawings are done on paper with pencil or colored pens but we can make this drawing using the Paintology app, on your phone or tablet! Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paint by Number Drawing of Indian actress Priyanka || Learn Drawing with Paintology | #543

In this paint by number drawing of the actress Priyanka, we make use of eight colors to make this drawing. If you are new to this app and drawing with paint by number, I would recommend that you try the easy drawings first with less colors and details. Learning to draw by Paint by Number Read More

draw kitty featured website

Draw a cute kitty on your phone or tablet | #6074

Most of us are very comfortable drawing with pencil and paper but with the recent explosion of tablets and phones, wouldn’t it be nice to do the same on those devices. Fortunately, you can now with the Paintology drawing app, which is freely available from the Google play store. The Paintology app is somewhat different Read More

chadwick tutorial - photo realistic

Draw Chadwick Boseman on your phone using the Paintology app

It’s quite surprising how much you can do on your phone with a little bit of effort. In this drawing, I show you how to use the Paintology app (available from the Google play store) to make a portrait drawing of Chadwick Boseman. The beauty of this drawing is that I used one brush tool Read More

Paint along with Fred #11 – Draw a manga head using Paintology

Anime has become a worldwide success and many enjoy drawing manga cartoon figures due to the striking and recognizable features of the face. Here we show you how to draw a manga face using a loose version of the Loomis head drawing. The drawing was made on the Paintology version 1.1 and the new version Read More

Paint along with Fred – Draw a tree #4

Paint along with Fred #4 – Draw a tree. Drawing nature allows you to express more with your pencil, pastels or brushes. It also develops your drawing and painting skills. Follow me on this video of drawing a tree. You can also download the free Paintology app from the Google play store… Download the free Read More

Draw along with Fred – Line art drawing

Line art drawing made easy with the Paintology app. See how quickly you can create a line art drawing with our free Paintology app. Download from the google play store… Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Learn shading with Paintology – Draw a face

Paintology has some good tools for you to create striking drawings such as the hardness and density settings. With these tools you can add dimension to your drawing as in this example of a quick sketch of a girls face. Try it out and let us know what you think! Download the free Paintology app Read More

Draw an Owl- Paintology Connect the Dots

Now you can draw this Owl by Connecting the Dots. This is for absolute beginners, and shouldn’t take a lot of time to complete.

Cartoon – Trace Tutorial with the Paintology App

Watch the video on how to create a cartoon face (beginners) all the way to detailed landscapes. The only thing you need is a good dose of creativity! For more tutorials visit our website Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.