Advanced Tutorials

Learn to draw a photo realistic Zebra | Paintology app

In this tutorial, I show you how you can create a photo realistic drawing of a zebra using the Paintology app. I use two brushes only (shade and line) to create this drawing. The line brush is great for darker deeper colors with a sharp edge and the shade brush is used as a blending Read More

Draw a Tiger – Paintology Digital Tutorials

Draw a TigerPlease go to the Trace Tutorial link of the Paintology app and then use the toggle from the video to your canvas to do your drawing. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Draw a Colored Glass Jar – Paintology tutorial

In this drawing I used the watercolor brush of the Paintology app to create a translucent look for the glass jar. I deliberately used a large brush to overlay the strokes and managed to achieve some of the translucent effect. This is why experimenting with drawing is a crucial skill in the development of your Read More

Draw a Singer Sargent Painting – Paintology Tutorial

This is a drawing of a famous painting by John Singer Sargent who was a prolific painter of his time (1856-1925). The painting is titled ‘The Morning Walk’ created in 1898. I tried to keep the color to as close to the original drawing and you can use the color picker to achieve this. Look Read More

Draw a Leopard – Paintology Tutorial

In this drawing, we draw a young leopard’s head using the grass tool of the Paintology app. The hardness/density settings were set to a lower value than normal to achieve the desired effects. However, you could try to use a different brush style with other brush settings. Download the Paintology app to access hundreds of Read More

Draw a Drinks can – Paintology Tutorial

This drawing of a pressurized water can attempts to replicate the flow of water and the resemblance to a water can. The video tutorial was created on the Paintology app where anyone can download and try. For more tutorials like this, please download our Paintology app and have access to over a hundred tutorials. Get Read More

Draw a Collie Dog – Paintology Digital Tutorials

In this trace drawing of a collie, we show you with a step by step video on how to create this fine drawing. Using certain brush styles of the Paintology app and with the right strokes we can create the look of fur. For more video tutorials, please download the Paintology app. Happy Drawing & Read More

Draw an Egyptian Relic with Paintology

In this drawing of the famous Tutan Kamun, an Egyptian relic, we show you some advanced features of this digital drawing. Follow the real time video to recreate your own drawing of this famous ancient artifact. The trick with this drawing is to replicate the gold concentric lines that make up the bust. I found Read More

Draw a barbed wire with Paintology

There is never a shortage of subjects one can draw and this drawing of barbed wire is no exception. The reason for picking this interesting subject is because one can immediately see many values in the composition, for example, the shading of the wire and the dark and highlighted areas. This is all good experience Read More

A landscape scene with an interesting foreground subject.

Drawing and painting is always an inert passion that comes from within. Often many beginners make the mistake that drawing/painting is very dependent on the materials and tools that you use. That maybe true but you select those for the right reasons and that should be for what you are trying to achieve. If you Read More

Do a digital drawing of the Mona Lisa

Have you wondered about the enigma attached to the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo De Vinci. You can try this digital drawing on Paintology and see for yourself. Simply download the tutorial to your Paintology app and follow the strokes. Here are the details of the drawing: Total brush strokes = 550 Brushes used: Read More

How to draw portraits effectively

We have all at some stage or another tried our hand at drawing a portrait of someone. The big problems we often face are the proportions and shape and we find little things like the eyes are too narrow, lips are too high etc. Here I show you an effective method of using triangle shapes Read More

Draw an Egyptian Relic – Paintology Video Tutorials

In this video drawing of an Egyptian relic, the famous Tutankamun. Check out more tutorials with all range of skills. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Draw a Bird – Paintology Tutorial

Draw a bird.