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featured birds of paradise

Learn drawing – Parrot – Birds of paradise series

Learning to draw is not confined to paper and pencil, you can draw right on your phone or tablet. Apps like Paintology have become more usable and easy to use and allows you to tap your drawing skills and creativity to create stunning drawings. In this series of the Birds of paradise, you can complete […]

Draw Scooby cartoon character | Trace method using Paintology | Easy and fun drawing

The lovable scooby doo character from the famous TV series, Scooby Doo, Where are you!, was a favorite amongst young and adults alike. In this drawing, we are going to use the traced method to make this quick drawing of Scooby using the line brush. Instructions: Open the tutorial from the Video Tutorials section from […]

Paint by Number | Draw a Lion | Paintology traced method, fast and easy

In this paint by number drawing of a lion, we use the same method as before to create this colorful drawing. Instructions: Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store Go to video tutorials and under Paint by Numbers, locate the lion paint by number drawing Click on this and it will open […]

Paint by Numbers | Paint a tweety bird | Learn drawing with Paintology

Here we show a simple paint by numbers drawing of a tweety bird that anyone can do! All you need is an android phone or a tablet! Download your FREE Paintology app today!

Learn Paintology – Lesson #01 – Lean zoom & color palette

The Paintology app has been designed to get artists at all levels to develop their drawing skills faster. This is only possible through good tools that are versatile and powerful for the skills being developed. Understanding that many of our users like drawing on their phones, we have updated and modernized some of the tools […]

Paint along with Fred #5 – Draw an apple using the overlaid image technique

In this drawing we do something slightly different from the traced mode of drawing in Paintology. We have a template with the drawing we want to do and load this as an overlaid image onto our canvas. It is quite easy to do and all you need to do is use a photo editor to […]

Paint along with Fred – Draw a tree #4

Paint along with Fred #4 – Draw a tree. Drawing nature allows you to express more with your pencil, pastels or brushes. It also develops your drawing and painting skills. Follow me on this video of drawing a tree. You can also download the free Paintology app from the Google play store… Download the free […]

Draw along with Fred – Line art drawing

Line art drawing made easy with the Paintology app. See how quickly you can create a line art drawing with our free Paintology app. Download from the google play store… Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paint along with Fred – Draw Flowers

I wanted to offer a series of videos that pick interesting subjects for you guys to draw along with. I have put a hashtag of #PaintWithFred so that you can easily follow me and paint along with me and have fun painting along the way. For more video tutorials, please visit our website: or […]

Draw Snoopy the Dog – Paintology easy digital drawing

Here we show you how easy it is to draw Snoopy the dog from the much loved cartoon series, Charlie Brown. Paintology is a great digital drawing tool for absolute beginners to advanced artist. Anyone can learn to digital draw. To download the free app, please visit the Google play store…

Magic Trick – Water Illusion!

Here is a fun way to trick your friends and it’s very easy to do! Check out the youtube video below to find out how. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Cartoon – Trace Tutorial with the Paintology App

Watch the video on how to create a cartoon face (beginners) all the way to detailed landscapes. The only thing you need is a good dose of creativity! For more tutorials visit our website Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paintology trace tutorial – digital drawing for beginners – draw an angry bird

Drawing cartoon characters is a fun and easy way to get into digital drawing. Here we show you how using our trace function of the Paintology app. Using the charcoal brush and adjusting the size to get the weight of the drawing. Try our many other tutorial videos. Download our free Paintology app from the […]

Draw a car – Line Numbers – Paintology Tutorials

In this drawing we use line numbers to finish the outline of a car and then use the color palette to color the car. This is a basic drawing that will get beginners to become comfortable with the tools of the Paintology app. For more great tutorials, please download the app and try some fun […]

Draw a Cartoon Face – Paintology Strokes Tutorial

In this tutorial we show how you can draw a cartoon face with ease. If you are new to drawing, this is a good exercise for you and you will find that you will become more confident as you do more. The strokes tutorial by Paintology is a unique approach to drawing especially newbies who […]

Paint by Numbers – Draw Baloons – Paintology Tutorial

Get your drawing skills up with Paint by Numbers. This unique tutorial not available anywhere else allows you to draw directly on your tablet in the comfort of your own armchair! You can rapidly develop your skills by doing the tutorials on the Paintology app such as the Paint by Numbers and Line Drawing. For […]

Paint by Numbers – Draw a Clock – Paintology Tutorial

Paint by numbers can be an important step towards becoming an artist. In this drawing of a clock we have the circular shape that develops your steady hand skills. In addition, the smaller markings provides for intricate drawing skills necessary for drawing details. We hope you enjoyed this Paint by Numbers by Paintology. Please download […]

Paint by Numbers – Paint a Fish – Paintology Tutorials

Painting by numbers is an excellent way to develop your skills in drawing and painting. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Your inspirations and creativity for drawing in freehand will come much easier with this approach. In this drawing we have 5 colors to draw this fish and the example should take you less than […]

Paint by Numbers – Butterfly – Paintology Tutorials

In this drawing of a butterfly using the paint by numbers, you can practice the intricate colors of the butterfly. The paint by numbers is to help you get better in drawing by improving your hand and eye coordination. It is a perfect way to get into freehand drawing. We have many drawings of this […]

Bird in the sky

Start drawing by the beak. Then move to head.

Digital Portrait Drawing from an Overlaid Image

In this drawing, we use the reference image directly on the canvas so we can draw by referring to this image. This is different to the traced method where we needed to alternate between the traced image at the back and our drawing canvas. In this approach of drawing, we have a stationary image to […]

Paintology Beginners Tutorial – Draw a tree

Here we use the strokes method of Paintology to draw a tree. You can check out the many other similar tutorials that will help you rapidly advance your skills in drawing. The Paintology app is a versatile tool that has been developed to help many artists at all levels to enter the domain of digital […]

Paintology strokes tutorial – Draw a car

What better way to develop ones skill than drawing a car. This helps your hand and eye coordination all the better to improve your drawing skills. In this tutorial, we first use the ‘charcoal’ tool to draw the outline of the car and then we draw the wheels, windows, bumpers etc. Then we color in […]

Draw a female cartoon face – Easy tutorial using Paintology Strokes

In our previous tutorials, we showed you how easy it is to draw a cartoon using the Strokes method of Paintology. The technique allows you to follow a step by step way to draw a cartoon straight onto your tablet. You can practice easily with this method until you rapidly build up your hand and […]

Draw a cartoon face – Anyone can draw

We continue in the series of beginners drawing tutorial with this simple drawing of cartoon. Previously, we did circles and boxes and not its time for more fun! This is a cartoon sketch that was made famous by one of the Ted talks ‘why people think they cant draw – and how to prove they […]


A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person

Drawing circles – connect the dots method.

Continuing on the series of drawing circles tutorials, here I show you how to further improve your circles drawing. It is based on the connect the dot method which many of us are familiar with. In this drawing, we use the traced image to overlay our drawing and join the number accordingly. When joining the […]

Draw circles – strokes tutorial

From our last video tutorials, we showed you how we can increase accuracy of circles by trying to use short strokes as opposed to a single sweeping line of the pen. In this tutorial, we have created the strokes video tutorial to allow you to practice on the digital canvas of Paintology. Strokes – 60 […]

Drawing boxes – trace tutorial.

In our tutorial, we showed you how to practice drawings of boxes using the Paintology app. In this tutorial, you will follow the tutorial using the strokes tutorial method of drawing. This is a unique feature that is offered only with the Paintology app. Rather than describing how this works, it is best that you […]

Learn to Draw Series – Drawing Boxes

Continuing on the beginners drawing series of the circles, we will now try to draw boxes. This in fact is an easier tutorial than drawing a circle, so I would recommend complete beginners to do this exercise first. As before in the circle drawing tutorial, I show you how to use the same methods for […]

Learn to draw freehand concentric circles – Part 2

In our last tutorial of drawing concentric circles – part 1, we showed you how to use the Paintology app to practice drawing circles. In essence, you can use this method to load any reference images to the app and practice drawing. In this tutorial, we are going draw free hand concentric circles by first […]

Learn to draw concentric circles – Part 1

Drawing for beginners can be a real challenge, especially when they also feel that they cannot draw the basic shapes. This is not surprising since they have not practiced or gone through a learning process that can help them get improve. In this tutorial I show you how easily you can practice with the Paintology […]

Paint an old farmer with hat.

This drawing was done on a 32 inch touch screen monitor using the Paintology Android App. I was impressed that the old version of Paintology which had all the necessary tools to create artwork on the bigger screen. In this drawing of a face, I used the ‘pen’ tool at the largest setting and the […]

Pencil Sketch

Sketches have made an indelible place in the history of art as well as the hearts of artists, and that’s not without reasons. Sketching is generally a prescribed part of the studies of art students.[5] This generally includes making sketches (croquis) from a live model whose pose changes every few minutes. A “sketch” usually implies a quick […]

Draw a Truck

This is another tutorial on the tracing method of drawing on the Paintology app. This remarkable tool allows you to trace and view the reference image by adjusting the opacity through a slider. This is a unique functionality that is only found in Paintology. This method of drawing helps any beginners or advanced artists get […]

Draw a simple face with Paintology.

If you are just beginning to draw, you might want to try this Paintology tutorial which teaches you how to draw a simple face. Follow the simple instructions for downloading this tutorial and try it for yourself.

How to draw portraits effectively

We have all at some stage or another tried our hand at drawing a portrait of someone. The big problems we often face are the proportions and shape and we find little things like the eyes are too narrow, lips are too high etc. Here I show you an effective method of using triangle shapes […]