Beginners Tutorials

Super easy pencil drawing of Anime boy – Paintology #9964

This super easy drawing of an anime boy in black and white takes no more than 15 minutes to do! You can open up this tutorial on your app by searching for the ID #9964. This will load the pencil drawing template of the anime boy where the outline is already drawn for you. You Read More

Coloring fun for Adults & Kids – Learn Paintology

This coloring exercise is perfect to get your creativity in gear! Use the colors of your own choice from the color palette, choose the brush styles or make your own brushes. The possibilities of being creative with this painting is endless. Choose from over 400 tutorials available on the Paintology app. Use on your phone Read More

elephant drawing featured

Elephant silhouette drawing – Paintology trace mode

Digital drawing today has become very popular with a range of apps that caters to the growing artists that use their phones and tablets. The Paintology drawing app available for Android users is great to make quick drawings on your phone or tablet. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. With the Read More

Paint by Numbers – Color a Leopard – Beginners

In this fun tutorial, we are going to continue our series in wildlife paint by numbers coloring exercises. All you need is a phone and the Paintology drawing app from the Google play store. I also wanted to introduce you to a new type of drawing and coloring which is called Block Coloring. In this Read More

Digital finger painting of a deer

If you thought you could never draw, why not try your hand in finger painting on your phone. Many smart phone users are very nifty with their fingers in using the controls of the apps, this would enable them to draw well on their phones. In this simple drawing, I use the trace mode of Read More

Make lovely drawings on your phone without a stylus

Finger painting is one of the ways that you can make lovely drawings on your phone. You don’t need a stylus to make good drawings. In any case, many folks are not going to carry a stylus with their phones since it really does not offer anything more than what a finger can do. Most Read More

Part 2 of making a rose drawing on your phone!

In the first part of the tutorial, we drew the outline of the rose. In this tutorial we are going to complete the drawing by coloring the whole drawing with the rose bud and the stem and leaves. You can use this tutorial to do the outline and the coloring or you can take the Read More

Easy Portrait Block Coloring on your Phone!

Block coloring is unique to the Paintology drawing app (Google play store). Think of it like Paint by Numbers but you get to define the region that you want to paint. You can watch the video below to learn block coloring through this portrait drawing. It was made by a 9 year old who took Read More

Draw an outline of a Rose – phone drawing with Paintology

This is an easy line drawing that you can make on your phone. You can find this tutorial under the Tutorials section after you have installed the app. The app is available from the Google play store, links to store and resources provided at the end. If you like traditional drawing such as pencil and Read More

Paint by number – Draw a Cat on your phone

In this paint by number made by Isha who is 9 years old, it goes to show that anyone can color on their phone. This is one of hundreds of drawing fun exercises that anyone, young or old can do on their phone. What better than using your phone for some creativity instead of just Read More

Line drawing – Color and draw a woman’s face

Line drawing is a quick and effective way to make good drawings with ease. Many do line drawings with pen and paper, but did you know that you can do the same on your phone? All you need is the free Paintology drawing app available from the Google play store. To download, you can go Read More

30 mins drawing fun, right on your phone!

You can make this impressive looking painting right on your phone. All you need is the free Paintology drawing app from the Google play store and any Android phone or tablet. It would also be helpful that you use a stylus that you can get for a few dollars/pounds from Amazon or ebay. This allows Read More

10 mins drawing fun – super easy drawing with Paintology!

Many people are put off by drawing on the phone, because they immediately assume that it involves using a set of complex brushes and digital effects etc. This is probably true, especially when many users go for the app that has the largest range of features. There is a simple reason for this, it’s purely Read More

Line drawing by Isha – Paintology app

In this fun line drawing of a woman’s face, I will show you how easy it is to make this drawing. I use the free Paintology drawing app available from the Google play store. I made this drawing on a standard phone using a cheap stylus and you can use any android phone or tablet. Read More

girls face drawing - featured

Drawing a cute girls face on your phone!

In this drawing we make use of the shade brush to make this drawing. You can watch the youtube shown below. Paintology Resources: Paintology app link: Website: YouTube: Free Paintology Online Classes: Quora:https://paintology.quora.com Others: Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing! Happy Drawing & Painting! #pencildrawng #paintbynumber #portraitdrawing #paintology #learndrawing #drawingapp

Draw a waterscape scene in 30 mins – Paintology Tutorial

Making good drawings can be fast and fun at the same time. Check out this one I did recently on my Android tablet using a cheap stylus that you can get from Amazon for a few bucks. You can also use your phone if you like Here is the video…. You can check out many Read More

Draw a starry night on the phone – Steps 1 & 2

This stunning drawing of the starry night can be done on your phone using the Paintology app It is drawn in two steps, the first involves filling the colors of the actual drawing using large brush size and broad strokes The second step involves filling in the details to make for a more pleasing image Read More

Draw a realistic eye on your phone!

Drawing realistic eyes are very popular amongst artists Perhaps the eyes hold the window to the world with it’s majestic contrasting colors of the pupils and the eye lashes along with the flesh tones. They are an excellent way to practice drawing In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make this Read More

Draw a princess – Paint by numbers on the phone!

If you have an android phone, you can download the Paintology app from the Google play store and make this drawing in record time. You will have access to around 500 other fun tutorials, all totally free! Paintology has brought the fun back into drawing and now that everyone has a smart phone, your old Read More

Abstract landscape on your phone!

This is a quick and easy drawing of an abstract landscape that you can do directly on your phone! Once you have the Paintology Android app on your phone, you can type the unique id (#10417) to load this tutorial or just press tutorials button to go to almost 500 drawing tutorials. You can watch Read More

Draw a 3D letter on your phone!

This easy to do 3D drawing can be done right on your phone using the Paintology drawing app which is available from the Google store! Watch the video to see how it is done below… Once you have opened up the app, use the search ID #10333 in the search screen of the home page. Read More

Paintology block coloring – Wassily Kandinsky – Great Paintings #10064

Kandinsky is considered one of the first pioneers of abstract painting. Wassily Kandinsky was born in Russia and came into prominence as an artist following a period of teaching in law and economics. His most notable work The Blue Rider (1903) pushed him into mainstream art and continued experimenting with bold colors and form. In Read More

Paintology block coloring – Georges Seurat – Great Paintings #10036

Block coloring is an excellent method of making fun paintings on your phone or tablet using the Paintology Drawing App. The method is unique to Paintology and you can find more information from the post below. We are going to make this famous painting by Georges Seurat, Bathing At Asnieres 1884. Most will immediately recognize Read More

Block coloring – Sandro Botticelli – Birth of Venus #9993

Block coloring is an excellent method of making fun paintings on the digital medium using the Paintology Drawing App. The method is unique to Paintology and you can find more information from the links provided at the end of this post. We are going to make this famous painting by Sandro Botticelli, The birth of Read More

Pop art – woman crying – draw on your phone #9984

We have many tutorials under Paint by Numbers category on the Paintology app. You can open the app and go to the video tutorials to see all the drawings under Paint by Nos. In this coloring we are going to create this comic pop art of a woman crying. There are only a small amount Read More

Draw an eclectic face – Easy drawing with Paintology #9959

This drawing of an eclectic face should not take you more than half an hour to do. I drew this on my Samsung phone and used a stylus. You can use your fingers but a cheap stylus will speed up your work. Install the Paintology drawing app for your Android tablet or phone, see links Read More

Draw a Bird on a Twig using the Block Coloring Method of Paintology

The block coloring method of drawing is an easy way for artists to get into digital drawing and at the same time make excellent drawings. You can read more about the block coloring method of drawing from a previous post written about this subject. You can apply the method of block coloring to any picture Read More

squirrel drawing on the phone

Pencil shading tutorial – Cute squirrel hugging flower drawing

We are going to use only one brush tool to make this cute drawing of a squirrel hugging a flower. Open up the tutorial on your phone or tablet #9737 of the squirrel flower video tutorial. You will find an outline of the squirrel and flower so you can get down to the business of Read More

Paint by Numbers – Wildlife Zebra – Beginners

This is a half completed paint by numbers that you can do on your Android phone or tablet. Zebras are wildlife creatures that are found on the Serengeti Plains of Africa and other parts of the world. They are easily distinguished from their distinct black and white stripes. We use the color palette of the Read More

Paint by Numbers – Meow fun, cat coloring

Here is another fun paint by numbers tutorial. Since cats are such cute characters why not color another one we have posted here. This has 15 colors to do, but if you see a number that shows 0 or is blank, color it any color of your choice. As you know, you can also improve Read More

Learn shading | Draw a fruit bowl with Paintology

Drawing fruits especially in grayscale is a great way to learn shading. It has long been a favorite subject of artists who want to improve their drawing and painting skills. The great advantage of drawing a bowl of fruit are the subtle shades of the shadows where the various fruits sit on top of each Read More

Draw a cute girl on the phone / Beginners drawing

This is an easy drawing that you can do on your phone using the Paintology app. The shade brush is very similar to a pencil and you can create easy shading with this tool. It is more easier than using pencil and paper because you have control over the size and gray tones much more Read More

Beginners pencil drawing / Wolf/ on your phone!

Pencil drawing is perhaps one of the biggest pastimes that any youngster and even adults are likely to participate. It is the ultimate form of expression where you are using your skills in hand and eye coordination and transferring to paper. Many who see other artists draw with such ease are at a loss on Read More

How to draw a face for Beginners/ EASY WAY TO DRAW A GIRL FACE

In this pencil drawing with the Paintology app we do a beginners easy way to draw a girl’s face The brush used for this drawing is the shade brush which is a great brush for all types of drawings including photo realistic drawings. The original drawing using the traditional pencil and paper can be found Read More

Draw an Anime Female Portrait | Line drawing with Paintology

Here is an easy drawing for people who love anime characters. The drawing was done in under 30 mins on the Samsung Note 10 phone using the Paintology app. You can do this drawing on any phone or tablet. The line drawing feature of the Paintology app is easy to do using the trace mode Read More

Draw Naruto on your phone | Paintology app

Naruto is a famous anime character much loved by many people young or old. Here is an opportunity to draw your very own Naruto on your phone or tablet using the Paintology app (available from the google play store). Here is the completed drawing that was done on the Samsung tablet. Tips to drawing Naruto: Read More

Draw a colored Anime | Paintology block painting

We have drawn a number of traced images earlier, mainly portraits. This was done by loading an image of our choice in Trace mode of the Paintology app and then picking up colors using the color picker and applying to our drawing canvas. We do a colored drawing with this colorful Anime. Here is the Read More

Block coloring of Priyanka| Paintology color picker

Block coloring is a great way to have fun while drawing. You can use the Paintology app (available from the Google play store) to make block colorings from any picture of your choice. In this coloring exercise fun, we draw the famous Bollywood actress Priyanka who is also making headway into the Hollywood scene too. Read More

Snoop Dogg block coloring & drawing | Paintology app

Since many of the Paintology users are enjoying using the app and making creative works, we can always try to improve our drawing skills. One way to do this is to use the trace mode of drawing with Paintology. The trace method can help you accelerate your drawing strokes and widen your understanding of colors Read More

Will Smith trace drawing | Learn drawing with Paintology

We have all heard the controversy in the recent Oscars with the famous actor Will Smith. Due to his notoriety, I thought about doing a trace drawing of him with the Paintology app. It turns out that the drawing came out better than I had expected and figured that this approach could be used for Read More

Draw a Female Anime Portrait | Line drawing with Paintology

The previous tutorial on drawing an anime portrait won quite a lot of fans. You can find this tutorial at the end of the post. Here we are going to do something similar by using the line brush but add a few touches like the gray shade to give it visual impact. Here is the Read More

Draw a bed | Straight lines tool – Paintology

For many readers who enjoy drawing, you might like to know that I regularly post on the subject of drawing and painting on the Quora site. Here is the link to my profile where you can find many answers related to beginners drawings and painting. I found an interesting question posted on Quora the other Read More

Draw a Cute Girl | Pencil Drawing with Paintology

Most of us love drawing with pencil and paper. You can now draw on your phone just like the real thing with the Paintology app. Check out the video below: Notes on the drawing: Why make drawing difficult on the phone, after all, the traditional way of drawing with pencil and paper is very simple! Read More

Color this Satin Bower Bird | Wildlife Series – Paintology #8147

Paintology is excited to bring you a new series of Paint by Numbers called the Wildlife Series! In this series we will bring some exciting Paint by Nos coloring projects for you to do on your phone or tablet. Hopefully the wildlife series will capture some of the natural beauty of these majestic animals, birds Read More

Color an Abstract Lion | Paintology Coloring Fun #8134

This abstract coloring exercise of a lion’s head is very easy to do. Most of the regions have been colored and you just to need to add the colors where it shows up as white. This is mainly around it’s head. Also, go over the regions that show the numbers and you will have a Read More

horse galloping featured pbyno

Color a Galloping Horse | Fun Coloring with Paintology #8042

Coloring animals has been a favorite subjects for kids and adults alike. Many paintings and drawings are done by artists on the subject of animals. We thought you might like this coloring exercise of a galloping horse with some nice colors for you to try. Some of the colors are already laid out for you Read More

Color a reindeer | Coloring fun with Paintology #7945

Reindeers are always a popular subject for Paint by Numbers kit. You can now do this on your phone using the Paintology coloring & drawing app. Using the template below, you can complete the coloring of this very colorful reindeer! Why not print it out also and get your favorite colored pencils and pens and Read More

Color a Giraffe | Paintology Paint by Numbers #7795

Color this psychedelic giraffe, great for both kids and adults. Try many Paint by Numbers with the Paintology app, download links at the end of the post. Template of the colorful Giraffe Learn the tools of the Paintology App Other Paintology tutorials of a Giraffe Over 400 tutorials available on the app, download now from Read More

Color a Celebrity | Victoria Justice | Paintology #7768

Many artists love painting or drawing portraits. What better than to do a coloring of the celebrity Victoria Justice! Some of the coloring has been done for you and you just need to complete around the face and shoulders. Don’t look to be perfect in applying the colors. For larger areas, use thicker brushes and Read More

PbyNo Dog coloring - featured

Color an English Foxhound | Fun Paint by Numbers with Paintology #7763

Another exciting and fun coloring exercise brought to you by Paintology. In this coloring exercise we are going to complete this coloring of an English Foxhound dog. With the Paintology app, you can do many fun ways to draw on your phone and tablet. Links to the app can be found at the end of Read More

Color a sleeping cat | Fun paint by numbers with Paintology #7729

Who doesn’t like cats and this one of the sleeping cat is no exception! In this coloring picture of the cat, you just need to focus on putting down the colors around the cat’s sleeping head. This makes it easy for you to complete the coloring in record time! Here is the template of the Read More

3D Drawing with Paintology #7667

Why not surprise your friends with this amazing 3D drawing of stairs. Check out the video below. Draw using the trace method with the straight lines tool of Paintology Once you have the #7667 tutorial loaded, you can start making your very own stairs. You can use the search feature on the home page to Read More

PbyNo parrot featured

Color a Parrot | Paint by Numbers with Paintology #7664

Try this Paint by Numbers of a parrot to get you started in coloring with the Paintology app. In actual fact the parrot is called the Scarlet-Macaw and is a highly prized parrot. Painting in Paint by Numbers is not only fun but can improve your drawing and painting skills. Don’t think that the digital Read More

pBYnO cat featured

Color a Cat | Paintology Paint by Numbers #7572

We love cats and what better than to color one using paint by numbers on your phone. You can download the app from the links provided below. This particular cat was picked out by my daughter of seven who is slowly moving out of the ‘clipart’ style of drawing and looking more into realistic drawings. Read More

featured bells pbyno

Whom the bell tolls | Coloring with Paintology #7544

Coloring with the Paintology app is very fun while at the same time increasing your drawing and painting skills. In this coloring exercise of ‘whom the bell tolls’, we color this simple drawing of a bell to enter into the New Year of 2022. Coloring of the Bell image: Over 400 tutorials available on the Read More

PbyNo - snowy landscape featured

Snowy Landscape to Color | Paintology Paint by Numbers | #7461

Most of us enjoy the scenic landscapes of snowy scenes. It makes us look forward to the winter season despite the cold. There is so much beauty in these kind of landscapes, so why not draw and color one! In this paint by numbers tutorial of the snowy scene (#7461), there are only 10 colors Read More

PbyNo girl anime - featured

Color an anime girl | Paint by Numbers | Paintology | #7404

In this fun coloring exercise, we are going to draw this cute anime girl. Paint by numbers by Paintology is a great way to get into drawing on your phone or tablets. There are over 400 tutorials from every category that is suitable for beginners all the way to advanced. Template of the cute anime Read More

balloons holidays featured

Balloons for the holidays | Paint by Numbers by Paintology | #7399

This coloring exercise is great fun to do and helps you improve your drawing strokes which is essential to good drawing. You may have seen many other tutorials which describes how to draw with Paintology. With some practice you can be drawing just like the videos on any subjects you choose. Just have a little Read More

pbyno snowman featured

Draw & color a cute Snowman | Paintology | #7372

In this cute coloring of a snowman, you will use 8 colors to finish this drawing. Total time for this coloring should be about 30 – 40 mins. depending on how fast you go. Template of the cute coloring snowman Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. Try many of the other Read More

Draw a Colorful Cat | Paintology Paint by Numbers | #7313

This paint by numbers coloring of a cat is great for beginners! You can try over 200 paint by numbers Template of the colorful cat Paint by Numbers Full coloring of the colorful cat Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store. Try many of the other Paint by Numbers drawings with the Read More

santa - featured pbyno

Paint by Numbers | Christmas Santa | Paintology | #7278

What is more fun than to join the Christmas festivities with this coloring of the lovable Santa! This easy Paint by numbers is ideal for you to color on your phone with the Paintology drawing and coloring app. If you are new to this app and drawing with paint by number, I would recommend that Read More

Using the brush creator of Paintology | Drawing example

Paintology is a very versatile app that can enable you to make creative drawings and paintings on your phone and tablet. With none of the steep learning curve of other apps, you will feel right at home with the app once installed on your phone or tablet. The intuitive interface allows any beginner to start Read More

Color circles and improve drawing strokes | Paintology | #7154

In this interesting coloring tutorial, you can learn some of the important lessons in drawing which are improving your drawing strokes. In addition, you will learn about color contrast and how the create an overall composition of the drawing. Here is the template of the coloring exercise: Please use the featured completed colored image as Read More

Another model portrait to color | Paint by Numbers | #7103

Since many of you liked the model tutorials by Paintology Paint by Numbers, we though we would give you another one to tackle. Try this one for size and it will good for someone who is comfortable with the main tools of the app. Such as the zoom, brush and of course some patience! When Read More

Draw a Rose | Paintology pencil drawing

In this drawing demo, I show you how to draw a rose on the Pencil drawing app by Paintology. Drawing on paper with pencil can be fun and engaging, but did you also know that you can do the same thing on your phone. You just need the right app for this. With the Paintology Read More

Kawasaki green bike - featured - PbyNo - 22Nov21

Draw a Green Kawasaki Bike | Paint by Numbers | #6998

Coloring a Kawasaki bike can be very fun with the Paintology Paint by Numbers drawing app. There are a few areas to color but the reward can be very satisfying in the finished product. Check out the other bikes below in this series of the Color by Numbers: Most of us are familiar with the Read More

featured image - girl with umbrella

How to draw a girl with an umbrella step by step / Easy drawing for girls step by step

In this tutorial we use the Pencil drawing mode of the Paintology app to create this drawing of a girl with umbrella. In the Pencil mode of drawing, we use the gray scale to select the gray tones to make this quick drawing which can be done in less than half an hour. Make sure Read More

Draw a purple eyed girl - Paintology Pencil App

Draw a beautiful purple eyed girl – Pencil drawing on your phone

This drawing was inspired by a similar drawing from the Youtuber ‘Farjana Drawing Academy’. You can see her original video below. How to draw a beautiful blue eyed girl -Pencil Sketch | She is staring sadly with her finger on lips With the Paintology pencil drawing app, you can make a similar drawing and be Read More

PbyNo - template candles featured

Paintology | Color Xmas Candles | Paint by Numbers | #6829

With Christmas around the corner, we can get into the festivities with this nice coloring of candles. Paint by Numbers is now available on your phone and what is better than using this traditional method of coloring on your phone wherever you go! While on the move, increase your drawing and paintology skills with this Read More

PbyNo - Scarlett Johansson featured

Paint by Numbers | Scarlett Johansson | Paintology Drawing App | #6797

In this coloring exercise we are going to make this famous celebrity of Scarlett Johansson on our Paintology drawing app. This Paint by Numbers coloring exercise is one of many that you can find on the app downloaded to your phone. Check out all the links below this post. If you are new to the Read More

mediterranean - featured numbered

Mediterranean Coastal Scene | Paint by Numbers | Paintology | #6746

This stunning picture of the Mediterranean coastal scene will be great coloring exercise for you to try and is ideal for any beginner. Once completed, you can print or share with family and friends. You first need to have the Paintology drawing app installed on your Android phone or tablet. You will find all the Read More

Portrait painting - PbyNo template

Draw a woman’s portrait | Paint by Number | Paintology App | #6723

We at Paintology love portrait art. Portraits have been a very popular subject for artist since it is a challenging subject but can be very rewarding. To get a good likeness to the person you are drawing or painting can be very satisfying. In this exercise in paint by number portrait drawing with the Paintology Read More

xmas lights - PbyNo - featured thumb

Draw & color Xmas lights | Paint by number | Paintology | #6622

Xmas lights exudes the spirit of Christmas, so why not color one yourself! In this easy coloring exercise, you can produce a colored drawing of Xmas lights right on your phone. Catch all the vibrant colors of what makes Christmas. With Christmas not too far away around the corner what can be better to draw Read More

PbyNo - hip girl - coloring

Color a hip girl | Paint by no | Paintology | #6614

In this modern world we can see fashion and hip styling all around us. Why not color one! In this coloring of a hip girl, we only use six colors to make this drawing. The template for this coloring exercise can be found below along with the completed image to use as a reference. Why Read More

PbyNo - galaxy nebula coloring - featured

Color a galaxy nebula | Paint by number | Paintology drawing app | #6610

In this coloring exercise for beginners, you don’t have to worry about the exact placement of colors. You can be very free in this coloring since it is unimportant to get the edges exactly right. With 16 colors to color, it will provide a vibrant color on the finished drawing. You can also use different Read More

PbyNo - cat resting its head - featured

Draw a cat resting | Paint by number | Paintology drawing app | #6600

Animals are always a great subject for paint by numbers coloring exercises. Cats are one of the most popular subjects in YouTube and it seems that people can’t get enough of them. I thought it would be good to do another one here in this exercise. In this coloring, we are taking a sleeping cat Read More

Trace drawing method - featured

Trace mode of Drawing | Lesson #240 | Learn with Paintology

In this guide, I show you how powerful the trace mode of drawing is with Paintology. One cannot ignore that trace drawing has been used by budding and accomplished artists alike. It has contributed to their improvement in the artwork especially in architecture (perspective) and portraits. However, trace drawing has many important facets in your Read More

pbyno - template of the colored dancing copule

Color a dancing couple | Paint by number | Paintology drawing app | #6591

Paint by number is always a fun experience but can also dramatically improve your skills in drawing and painting. Most of us have a deep desire to paint and draw like the good artists we see all around us. The fact of the matter is that it is an easy process and requires an interest Read More

PbyNo - glass apple green - template

Color a glass apple | paint by number | paintology app | #6585

The previous glass apples exercises were very popular with our readers. Links for the past ones can be found below. Color a red glass apple – Paint by number Color a bunch of glass apples – Paint by number Here are more ‘colored’ glass exercises that you can try on your phone/tablet incase you missed Read More

pbyno - model posing - template

Color a model | Paint by number | Paintology | #6569

Coloring by paint by number can be the foundation for doing many creative paintings with other mediums such as acrylics and oils. Paint by number is ideal to launch your painting career Doing paint by number coloring exercises with the Paintology drawing app will help you appreciate color schemes. This helps you understand the details Read More

PbyNo - featured dog in the park - featured

Draw a dog in the park | Paint by number | Paintology drawing app | #6550

Most of us love animals. Considering the number of pet owners around the world, cats and dogs are two of the favorites. I have done many drawings on the subject of dogs with Paintology. You can check all of them out in the links below. As you can see there are various dog coloring exercises Read More

PbyNo - Yamaha bike - template

Color a Yamaha Bike | Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App | #6538

Based on the popularity of the previous paint by numbers coloring of a Suzuki Bike, we posted another one here. This one has a bit more details than the previous Suzuki one we did, but it is just as enjoyable. If you are a beginner, try to get comfortable with all the tools of the Read More

PbyNo - butterfly template

Color a butterfly | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6535

This is a butterfly coloring exercise that you can do with the Paintology drawing app. The exercise is fairly easy to do since there little complex details to do. Once completed it will look good on any phone or printed out. Feel free to download and print the template if you want to use your Read More

PbyNo camera template

Color a Vintage Camera | Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App | #6519

We thought it be great exercise in coloring to do this vintage camera by Paintology. This coloring is perfect for beginners since it has small range of colors and larger regions to fill in the colors. In this way, you can improve your drawing skills. Skills improved are your strokes and speed of drawing and Read More

glass apple 1 - PbyNo template

Color a glass apple | Paint by nos | Paintology drawing app | #6510

The previous post on the glass apples was quite popular with our readers. So we thought we should bring another one for your pleasure. The apple fruit has been a great subject for drawing and painting by many artists throughout the centuries. It is no wonder, this is the case, since the apple is a Read More

tennis shoes PbyNo template

Color tennis shoes | Paint by nos | Paintology drawing app | #6503

Shoes are the most common items that we see every day, so why not color them! This exercise in Paint by nos is a great way for beginners to get into colored drawing on their phones. The multicolored tennis shoes is an eye catching picture that will be fun to do. Take out your phone Read More

draw lambo - featured PbyNo

Draw a lambo | Paint by nos | Paintology drawing app | #6486

The design of the lamborghini (lambo) car has a very eye-catching design that turns heads whenever you see it. Due to the iconic nature of this car, let’s draw this lambo for our own pleasure. Here is the template to start the drawing: You will notice that the car has distinct straight lines with very Read More

pbyno - template of the Suzuki bike

Color a Suzuki bike | Paint by Numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6480

Most of us love bikes and are drawn to the aerodynamic shape and the sense of speed it displays. You can now try out a drawing of a bike with Paint by numbers. It is something anyone of any age can do since it does not require much skills. It is ideal for someone just Read More

featured - PbyNo - alienware logo

Draw alienware logo | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app|#6477

This logo is probably well known to most people especially with gamers of PC and laptops. It is a logo of alienware, makers of high performance PC and laptops. The logo can also be confused with people’s thoughts on actual aliens. For example all the Sci-Fi movies such as ‘Close encounters of the third kind’ Read More

PbyNo - Serengeti sunset - featured

Paint by numbers | Paint a Serengeti sunset | Paintology drawing app | #6473

Sunsets are a great way to get into painting since they don’t require much technical competence in the use of brush or stylus. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing this kind of painting. Tips on the sunset painting of the Serengeti sunset plains: This paint by numbers painting of Read More

happy couple PbyNo featured

Paint by Numbers | Color a happy couple | Paintology drawing app | #6456

Here is another easy painting of a happy couple that you can download, print and color with crayons, pencils etc. This paint by numbers drawing has been designed to improve your drawing skills. We recommend that you use your phone or tablet with the Paintology app to paint this. Many of you are not familiar Read More

phone booth PbNos - featured

Draw a UK phone booth | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6452

When you visit a gallery and look at other artists work, you will see that the painting or drawing close up can look very different from a distance. This is because in art, the whole visualization of the painting/drawing is interpreted by the brain. The brain has a tendency to fill the gaps based on Read More

Katrina Kaif - featured PbyNo

Paint by Numbers | Paint Katrina Kaif | Paintology Drawing App | #6364

Drawing and painting portraits is always a popular subject amongst beginner artists or advanced. Since we spend most of our lives in the company of other humans, its inevitable that it is so popular. The subject of portraits has a strong community amongst accomplished artists who are always trying to perfect their craft. You may Read More

PbyNo indian actress - featured

Draw an Indian Actress | Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App | #6303

Drawing can be very fun especially when there is a good approach to help you grasp those essentials skills in drawing and painting. Paint by Numbers which comes in a kit form with a canvas, paints and brushes have been enjoyed by millions of people for decades. Now you can do the same on your Read More

featured - doll isha - PbyNo

Draw a Doll | Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App | #6259

If you are new to Paint by Numbers for Paintology, it might be worth trying out something simpler with less colors and a quicker application of the paint. Usually clipart paint by numbers can be ideal for this due to the bigger and clean swatches of color that you can easily apply. You can also Read More

Color Anime Naruto | Coloring fun with Paintology #7993

Naruto is a popular anime character that has a big following amongst youngsters and adults alike. Why not color this fun Naruto paint by numbers coloring with the Paintology coloring app (links to app below post). Over 400 tutorials available on the app, download now from the Google play store! Download the free Paintology app Read More

Paint by Number – Draw a Minion || Level – Easy || Learn Drawing with Paintology

In this paint by number drawing of a minion, we make use of six colors to make this drawing. You don’t have to stick to the same colors, you can also try different colors just for fun! If you are new to this app and drawing with paint by number, I would recommend that you Read More

Draw Scooby cartoon character | Trace method using Paintology | Easy and fun drawing

The lovable scooby doo character from the famous TV series, Scooby Doo, Where are you!, was a favorite amongst young and adults alike. In this drawing, we are going to use the traced method to make this quick drawing of Scooby using the line brush. Instructions: Open the tutorial from the Video Tutorials section from Read More

featured birds of paradise

Learn drawing – Parrot – Birds of paradise series

Learning to draw is not confined to paper and pencil, you can draw right on your phone or tablet. Apps like Paintology have become more usable and easy to use and allows you to tap your drawing skills and creativity to create stunning drawings. In this series of the Birds of paradise, you can complete Read More

Paint by Number | Draw a Lion | Paintology traced method, fast and easy | #523

In this paint by number drawing of a lion, we use the same method as before to create this colorful drawing. Instructions: Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store Go to video tutorials and under Paint by Numbers, locate the lion paint by number drawing Click on this and it will open Read More

Paint by Numbers | Paint a tweety bird | Learn drawing with Paintology

Here we show a simple paint by numbers drawing of a tweety bird that anyone can do! All you need is an android phone or a tablet! Download your FREE Paintology app today!

Learn Paintology – Lesson #01 – Lean zoom & color palette | #510

The Paintology app has been designed to get artists at all levels to develop their drawing skills faster. This is only possible through good tools that are versatile and powerful for the skills being developed. Understanding that many of our users like drawing on their phones, we have updated and modernized some of the tools Read More

Paint along with Fred #5 – Draw an apple using the overlaid image technique

In this drawing we do something slightly different from the traced mode of drawing in Paintology. We have a template with the drawing we want to do and load this as an overlaid image onto our canvas. It is quite easy to do and all you need to do is use a photo editor to Read More

Paint along with Fred – Draw a tree #4

Paint along with Fred #4 – Draw a tree. Drawing nature allows you to express more with your pencil, pastels or brushes. It also develops your drawing and painting skills. Follow me on this video of drawing a tree. You can also download the free Paintology app from the Google play store… Download the free Read More

Draw along with Fred – Line art drawing

Line art drawing made easy with the Paintology app. See how quickly you can create a line art drawing with our free Paintology app. Download from the google play store… Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paint along with Fred – Draw Flowers

I wanted to offer a series of videos that pick interesting subjects for you guys to draw along with. I have put a hashtag of #PaintWithFred so that you can easily follow me and paint along with me and have fun painting along the way. For more video tutorials, please visit our website: or Read More

Draw Snoopy the Dog – Paintology easy digital drawing

Here we show you how easy it is to draw Snoopy the dog from the much loved cartoon series, Charlie Brown. Paintology is a great digital drawing tool for absolute beginners to advanced artist. Anyone can learn to digital draw. To download the free app, please visit the Google play store…

Magic Trick – Water Illusion!

Here is a fun way to trick your friends and it’s very easy to do! Check out the youtube video below to find out how. Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Cartoon – Trace Tutorial with the Paintology App

Watch the video on how to create a cartoon face (beginners) all the way to detailed landscapes. The only thing you need is a good dose of creativity! For more tutorials visit our website Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

Paintology trace tutorial – digital drawing for beginners – draw an angry bird

Drawing cartoon characters is a fun and easy way to get into digital drawing. Here we show you how using our trace function of the Paintology app. Using the charcoal brush and adjusting the size to get the weight of the drawing. Try our many other tutorial videos. Download our free Paintology app from the Read More

Draw a Cartoon Face – Paintology Strokes Tutorial

In this tutorial we show how you can draw a cartoon face with ease. If you are new to drawing, this is a good exercise for you and you will find that you will become more confident as you do more. The strokes tutorial by Paintology is a unique approach to drawing especially newbies who Read More

Draw a car – Line Numbers – Paintology Tutorials

In this drawing we use line numbers to finish the outline of a car and then use the color palette to color the car. This is a basic drawing that will get beginners to become comfortable with the tools of the Paintology app. For more great tutorials, please download the app and try some fun Read More

Paint by Numbers – Draw a Clock – Paintology Tutorial | #269

Paint by numbers can be an important step towards becoming an artist. In this drawing of a clock we have the circular shape that develops your steady hand skills. In addition, the smaller markings provides for intricate drawing skills necessary for drawing details. We hope you enjoyed this Paint by Numbers by Paintology. Please download Read More

Paint by Numbers – Draw Baloons – Paintology Tutorial | #272

Get your drawing skills up with Paint by Numbers. This unique tutorial not available anywhere else allows you to draw directly on your tablet in the comfort of your own armchair! You can rapidly develop your skills by doing the tutorials on the Paintology app such as the Paint by Numbers and Line Drawing. For Read More

Paint by Numbers – Paint a Fish – Paintology Tutorials | #263

Painting by numbers is an excellent way to develop your skills in drawing and painting. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Your inspirations and creativity for drawing in freehand will come much easier with this approach. In this drawing we have 5 colors to draw this fish and the example should take you less than Read More

Paint by Numbers – Butterfly – Paintology Tutorials | #266

In this drawing of a butterfly using the paint by numbers, you can practice the intricate colors of the butterfly. The paint by numbers is to help you get better in drawing by improving your hand and eye coordination. It is a perfect way to get into freehand drawing. We have many drawings of this Read More

Bird in the sky

Start drawing by the beak. Then move to head.

Digital Portrait Drawing from an Overlaid Image

In this drawing, we use the reference image directly on the canvas so we can draw by referring to this image. This is different to the traced method where we needed to alternate between the traced image at the back and our drawing canvas. In this approach of drawing, we have a stationary image to Read More

Paintology strokes tutorial – Draw a car

What better way to develop ones skill than drawing a car. This helps your hand and eye coordination all the better to improve your drawing skills. In this tutorial, we first use the ‘charcoal’ tool to draw the outline of the car and then we draw the wheels, windows, bumpers etc. Then we color in Read More

Paintology Beginners Tutorial – Draw a tree

Here we use the strokes method of Paintology to draw a tree. You can check out the many other similar tutorials that will help you rapidly advance your skills in drawing. The Paintology app is a versatile tool that has been developed to help many artists at all levels to enter the domain of digital Read More

Draw a cartoon face – Anyone can draw

We continue in the series of beginners drawing tutorial with this simple drawing of cartoon. Previously, we did circles and boxes and not its time for more fun! This is a cartoon sketch that was made famous by one of the Ted talks ‘why people think they cant draw – and how to prove they Read More

Draw a female cartoon face – Easy tutorial using Paintology Strokes

In our previous tutorials, we showed you how easy it is to draw a cartoon using the Strokes method of Paintology. The technique allows you to follow a step by step way to draw a cartoon straight onto your tablet. You can practice easily with this method until you rapidly build up your hand and Read More


A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person

Drawing circles – connect the dots method.

Continuing on the series of drawing circles tutorials, here I show you how to further improve your circles drawing. It is based on the connect the dot method which many of us are familiar with. In this drawing, we use the traced image to overlay our drawing and join the number accordingly. When joining the Read More

Draw circles – strokes tutorial

From our last video tutorials, we showed you how we can increase accuracy of circles by trying to use short strokes as opposed to a single sweeping line of the pen. In this tutorial, we have created the strokes video tutorial to allow you to practice on the digital canvas of Paintology. Strokes – 60 Read More

Drawing boxes – trace tutorial.

In our tutorial, we showed you how to practice drawings of boxes using the Paintology app. In this tutorial, you will follow the tutorial using the strokes tutorial method of drawing. This is a unique feature that is offered only with the Paintology app. Rather than describing how this works, it is best that you Read More

Learn to Draw Series – Drawing Boxes

Continuing on the beginners drawing series of the circles, we will now try to draw boxes. This in fact is an easier tutorial than drawing a circle, so I would recommend complete beginners to do this exercise first. As before in the circle drawing tutorial, I show you how to use the same methods for Read More

Learn to draw concentric circles – Part 1

Drawing for beginners can be a real challenge, especially when they also feel that they cannot draw the basic shapes. This is not surprising since they have not practiced or gone through a learning process that can help them get improve. In this tutorial I show you how easily you can practice with the Paintology Read More

Learn to draw freehand concentric circles – Part 2

In our last tutorial of drawing concentric circles – part 1, we showed you how to use the Paintology app to practice drawing circles. In essence, you can use this method to load any reference images to the app and practice drawing. In this tutorial, we are going draw free hand concentric circles by first Read More

Paint an old farmer with hat.

This drawing was done on a 32 inch touch screen monitor using the Paintology Android App. I was impressed that the old version of Paintology which had all the necessary tools to create artwork on the bigger screen. In this drawing of a face, I used the ‘pen’ tool at the largest setting and the Read More

Pencil Sketch

Sketches have made an indelible place in the history of art as well as the hearts of artists, and that’s not without reasons. Sketching is generally a prescribed part of the studies of art students.[5] This generally includes making sketches (croquis) from a live model whose pose changes every few minutes. A “sketch” usually implies a quick Read More

Draw a Truck

This is another tutorial on the tracing method of drawing on the Paintology app. This remarkable tool allows you to trace and view the reference image by adjusting the opacity through a slider. This is a unique functionality that is only found in Paintology. This method of drawing helps any beginners or advanced artists get Read More

Draw a simple face with Paintology.

If you are just beginning to draw, you might want to try this Paintology tutorial which teaches you how to draw a simple face. Follow the simple instructions for downloading this tutorial and try it for yourself.

How to draw portraits effectively

We have all at some stage or another tried our hand at drawing a portrait of someone. The big problems we often face are the proportions and shape and we find little things like the eyes are too narrow, lips are too high etc. Here I show you an effective method of using triangle shapes Read More