Portrait Tutorials

Mr Bean digital drawing – Pantology tutorial

Here is a black and white drawing of Mr Bean created on the Paintology app. For many more tutorials, please download the Paintology app. Happy Drawing & Painting!

A black and white portrait – Paintology tutorials

In this black and white portrait of a man’s face, we show you how you can use the hardness/density tools to good effect. For more tutorials like this, please check out all the tutorials available with the Paintology app in various categories. Happy Drawing & Painting!

An abstract face – Paintology tutorial

The drawing was done with the ‘sticks’ tool of Paintology to create an expressionistic abstract face. Look for more tutorials on drawing of portraits and many other subjects to suit all skill levels. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Portrait Drawing using the Paintology trace tool.

Here is a digital drawing of the famous celebrity illusionist Derren Brown (UK) using the Paintology app. We use the trace method of Paintology using the brush tool with the drawing made on a galaxy tablet. The tutorial is available on the Paintology app where you can download the traced image and follow the video Read More

Portrait Drawing using the Paintology Triangulation Method

I use the triangulation method to draw a portrait and how using this system allows you to achieve consistent results. For more information on this method please visit our post ‘How to Draw Portraits Effectively‘. The triangulation method allows you to create a set of triangles on the face where you can position all the Read More

Digital Portrait Drawing from an Overlaid Image

In this drawing, we use the reference image directly on the canvas so we can draw by referring to this image. This is different to the traced method where we needed to alternate between the traced image at the back and our drawing canvas. In this approach of drawing, we have a stationary image to Read More

Paintology digital portrait drawing – Trace method

The Android Paintology app is a versatile tool that has been designed to develop your drawing skills rapidly. No matter a beginner or advanced, the app is powerful enough to meet all your needs. In this portrait drawing of a woman’s face, I use the triangulation method to pinpoint the eyes, nose lips even though Read More

Paintology Portrait Drawing – Realistic Face

In this drawing of a portrait using the Paintology app, I show you how easily you can create ‘realistic’ effects for drawing a face. By keeping to black and white we have less to worry about the colors and more importantly can focus on the values. The technique of using values and opacity has been Read More

Digital portrait drawing of a female

Learn to develop your skills in portrait drawing with the unique tools of the Paintology app. Only available from the Paintology website. In this drawing, I use the ‘haze’ brush tool to create this drawing of a celebrity. Drawing using this method helps you to appreciate the placement of eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips and other Read More

Draw a Manga Face

In this tutorial, I show you how easy it is to draw a manga face from any angles. Just practice the techniques and in time, you will be able to create many new manga characters!! Drawing anime is a great way to get into portrait drawing and building essential skills. Use our award winning Paintology Read More

Do a digital drawing of the Mona Lisa

Have you wondered about the enigma attached to the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo De Vinci. You can try this digital drawing on Paintology and see for yourself. Simply download the tutorial to your Paintology app and follow the strokes. Here are the details of the drawing: Total brush strokes = 550 Brushes used: Read More

Portrait Drawing with Paintology – Lineart/Trace approach

In this portrait drawing, I used the lineart and color to create the effect on this drawing. Combined with the traced image, the drawing has been produced with speed and any intermediate artist should be able to accomplish this drawing in under an hour. Tracing method is an ideal way to get into portrait drawings Read More