Landscape Tutorials

Draw a scenic lakeside – Paintology Tutorial

With little effort, one can produce this painting in an hour or so. Painting does not have to be hard work and it can defeat the fun factor if it turns out this way. The reason why I work within the hour could be that I don’t want to make the process arduous and long. Read More

Green rolling hills drawing – Paintology tutorial

This is a digital drawing of the rolling green hills that some of us are well aware of. The drawing is one of many tutorials found on the Paintology app. Check out all the other video tutorials on all subject matters to suit all levels. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Digital Painting of a Beach with Paintology

Digital painting is the means to create a drawing digitally that can be passed off for a painting done with traditional tools. In this drawing, we show you how easy it is to do a simple beach scene. Here, we start off drawing the sky and to just simply experiment to get the whites of Read More

Draw a thunderstorm (abstract) with Paintology

In this abstract scene, I went with my feeling of how I should do this drawing. I chose the ‘meadow’ brush for this drawing but you could use any brush that you like. The drawing is symbolic in the sense that that powerful nature of the planet can overwhelm all of human’s achievements. As you Read More

Draw with Paintology – A woody scene

This drawing was done using the black and white of the color canvas in Paintology. It’s a full length video that you can follow at your own pace. When drawing with Paintology, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out the brushes and see what kind of effects you get. Even if you can’t use Read More

Draw a state mansion with Paintology

Architectural buildings are a good subject for drawing and they require good control of the pencil/pen to do the straight lines of the buildings and roof. I found this reference image which seemed like a good subject to draw. It didn’t have the intricate details of many architectures and therefore was easier to draw and Read More

Draw a city street scene with Paintology

Digital drawing can be fun especially if you are passionate about other people’s work. However, for beginners it can also be challenging but that is normally due to the goals they set themselves. You need to view drawing like any other type of skill that need an open mind and allow yourself time to develop Read More

Draw a colorful sweeping landscape with Paintology

I originally did a large painting of this and I thought I would do a digital version. The advantage of digital art over traditional drawing is that you have more control over your colors. This can lead to very vibrant drawings but you must understand values and opacity. These techniques can be easily picked up Read More

Draw a Mystic Forest with Paintology

In this drawing, I used a 32 inch drawing canvas with a standard brush to do this ‘painting’. I used the brush tool Charcoal of the Paintology app. You can follow this video tutorial to draw the same painting on your tablet or phone. Digital drawing can be fun and you can experiment with all Read More

Draw a simple sunset landscape

Landscapes are the easiest subject to draw or paint. I would encourage any beginner or advanced artists to just continue to draw/paint landscapes whenever they can. There are some reasons for this which I will outline below. The subject has no ‘strict’ sense of the strokes required for the final rendition. Unlike other subjects like Read More

Draw a State Mansion – Paintology Tutorial

In this drawing we use the trace method to make a nice drawing of this on our digital tablet. Please check out all the other tutorials in the Landscape Tutorials section. Happy Drawing & Painting!

A water stream scene – Paintology Tutorials

A digital drawing of a stream that anyone can do. Just follow the video.

An Abstract Street Scene – Paintology Trace Tutorial

Here is an interesting drawing that you can do and put your creativity into it. This is just an example of how you create a semi-abstract or expressionistic drawings. Please try out all the other tutorials in the Landscape tutorials section. Happy Drawing & Painting!

A wintery river scene – Paintology Tutorial

In this drawing of a wintery scene, we show you how to work with color tones and values to give depth to the drawing. Look for more tutorials on your Paintology app. Happy Drawing & Painting!