donald duck coloring

A fun Paint by Numbers coloring of Donald Duck

If you always wanted to learn drawing and coloring, a great way is to do fun drawings on your phone! Once you have installed the Paintology app from the google play store, just open up this tutorial by going to video tutorials and then Paint by Numbers category.

Here is the video of the actual drawing and you can find the same on the app. This will allow you to switch from the video to your drawing, super easy and a great way to learn!

Donald duck paint by numbers tutorial – Drawing exercise on your phone!

Once you have opened up this tutorial on your app, you will see the template where you can color exactly as I am doing on this video.

You will find a step by step of this tutorial as I make this drawing. The video is normal speed, so you can follow easily to it. If you are doing it on the app, you can alternate between the video and drawing, right on your phone. This makes it very easy for you to learn drawing and coloring more rapidly than other methods. Also, remember digital drawing and coloring is the same as using pencil and paper, its just that you don’t have to have all the pens and pencils laying around!

This method of drawing along with other methods are unique to Paintology making learning to draw more effective and fun.

Try many of the other drawing tutorials from the Paintology app, there are over 400 hundred to choose from.

Here is a list of resources to get you started:

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Color Donald Duck on your phone | Step by Step tutorial drawing of Paint by Numbers

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