Another model portrait to color | Paint by Numbers | #7103

Since many of you liked the model tutorials by Paintology Paint by Numbers, we though we would give you another one to tackle.

Try this one for size and it will good for someone who is comfortable with the main tools of the app. Such as the zoom, brush and of course some patience!

When drawing with the Paint by Numbers app, we suggest that you start with the basic drawings first. Please go through the featured drawings available under the Paint by Nos button. You will find plenty of tutorials that will meet your expectations but dont jump before you can walk 🙂

Here is the template of the Model portrait:

Model portrait coloring | Paintology paint by numbers

A good tip to follow when you are doing this portrait. Most accomplished artists are free to draw whatever takes their fancy. They can turn a blank canvas or sketchpad into an amazing work of art that you just can’t help admiring. This is creativity at it’s best. We want you to accomplish the same goals and they way to look at Paint by Numbers is that it will expand your understanding of art and improve your skillsets to achieve all those essential goals.

Here is a previous post that you might want to read that describes this process in some detail:

Tips to do great Paint by Numbers drawing with the Paintology App

Below is the completed Model portrait picture:

Completed female Drawing of Paint by Numbers | Paintology

Another note to this portrait picture, is the close gradients of the tones. The gray or brown tones to this drawing are close together apart from the white tone. This means that you can blend the regions where the tones meet. This is really good practice to understand blending without the need for bespoke tools. After all, you don’t rely on fancy tools to do blending with your pencils or brushes, you just adjust the pressure to get a close likeness.

On the Paint by Numbers app there is a tool called ‘Hardness’ which you can use to good effect to do blending. You don’t need blending tools to do the work for you, put on your traditional hat on and do what you would do with traditional. Mastering this technique will allow you to make any types of drawings and paintings.

Check out the YouTube video of a drawing that typifies this approach to get a ‘realistic’ effect in any drawings.

Photo realistic drawing using blending techniques

We encourage you to draw with the digital medium, you may be surprised by its versatility plus you don’t need to have special tools always nearby. You just need your phone or tablet and a good app installed on your phone or tablet. We suggest you try the Paintology app with resources below. This is because Paintology is not inundated with tool after tool which takes away from developing art skills and more leaning to technical expertise.

The interface of the Paintology app is intuitive enough

Easy and intuitive interface of the Paintology app

Resource of the Paintology App

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

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Happy Drawing & Painting!