Block coloring of Priyanka| Paintology color picker

Block coloring is a great way to have fun while drawing.

You can use the Paintology app (available from the Google play store) to make block colorings from any picture of your choice.

In this coloring exercise fun, we draw the famous Bollywood actress Priyanka who is also making headway into the Hollywood scene too.

We use the line brush tool for this drawing but I will show you how to get better skin tones and gradients using the shade brush. I will bring you another tutorial that shows you how.

In this easy to do drawing and coloring of Priyanaka, we use the color picker to pick out colors of the picture and draw this on our canvas. Depending on how detailed you want your drawings to be, we pick a color and draw a ‘block’ with this color. We then repeat the process by moving a bit to the next region, picking up that color and then drawing.

In this drawing, you will see I start with the larger regions of the face such as the forehead and the hair. The details include the eyes, which we need to zoom in and do. You will see this in the video that I have provided for this tutorial.

Here is the completed drawing of Priyanaka:

Priyanka block coloring using the Paintology app

The finished painting is somewhat pleasing to the eye but i could be better with more blending of the eyes and facial tones. These are common drawing hurdles that beginners face but over time, they can use the tools to good effect to make it a bit more realistic.

The shade brush tool is great for shading and blending and I will show you how this is used in the next drawing.

My daughter of eight helped me do the necklace and shaved some time from me doing it! Surprisingly, she did a great job of the star jewelery.

There are over 400 tutorials available in the Paintology app, all designed to improve your drawing skills while having loads of fun!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!

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