pbyno - template of the Suzuki bike

Color a Suzuki bike | Paint by Numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6480

Most of us love bikes and are drawn to the aerodynamic shape and the sense of speed it displays. You can now try out a drawing of a bike with Paint by numbers. It is something anyone of any age can do since it does not require much skills. It is ideal for someone just starting out drawing on the phone or tablet.

Here is the template of the Suzuki bike for you to download and color:

paint by nos template for coloring the Suzuki bike

Like all the drawings, paintings and coloring that you see here, they are all available directly on the app. You can do the drawing and coloring right on the phone and save your work. Paintology has been designed to make you a better artist, so what are you waiting for, go to the google play store. Links at the end of the post.

Use the colored completed template of the bike for reference:

When doing this coloring, you can use the exact colors mentioned for the eight colored regions or why not try a different color. For example, instead of blue, you can use red, if you like that color.

Created with GIMP

Paintology app designed to make you a better artist!

The Paintology drawing app, unlike other drawing apps out there, has many tutorials designed to make you a better artist. It’s aim is to bring the love and passion of traditional drawing right to your phone and tablet.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!