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Color Barack Obama | Paint by nos. | Paintology drawing app | #6512

It’s impossible to ignore the face of the previous US president Barack Obama. What better than to do a good likeness of him using Paint by nos.

I was fairly impressed with how this paint by nos of Barack Obama turned out. This is ideal for a beginner and yet the face of the real president is well captured in this coloring exercise. Whenever you undertake a paint by numbers coloring exercise, always pay attention to the number of colors and complexity of the colored regions. Try to match up that level of complexity with your own skills. It would not make sense to do a complex coloring paint by numbers if you are a beginner just starting out. Similarly, it would not make sense to do something simple if you are advanced.

Here is the YouTube video of the Barack Obama done on a tablet:

Color Barack Obama on your Phone!

In any case, you can choose any drawing or coloring exercise, if you have an idea on how to be creative. This will apply more to the advanced artist. Your aim should always to try and improve your skills while feeling rewarded. Again, I refer you to my earlier blog post on this subject of taking mini steps in doing and feeling rewarded.

Here is the template of the paint by nos of Barack Obama:

A good rendering of Barack Obama using Paint by numbers.

When doing this coloring, start with the bigger patches and work your way to smaller regions. The coloring regions are fairly large so you won’t have any problems.

For the smaller details, it is best to zoom and then adjust the brush size to do the coloring.

Use completed colored painting of Barack Obama for reference:

Created with GIMP

From this completed colored painting the rendition of the portrait of Barack Obama is quite good. I was taken back by the familiarity of the face despite the simplicity of the paint by nos template.

We recommend that you use the Paintology drawing app to do this coloring. You can make changes and save your files as many times as you want. It is far more versatile to practice on than using traditional medium such as pencil or paper.

Here is the Paintology drawing available from the Google play store:

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!