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Coloring glass apples | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6445

Drawing and coloring glass apples is different to drawing a real apple. It is easier, since there are not that many shades to deal with. This paint by numbers drawing of apple glasses will get you into this subject of drawing glasses very quickly.

The skill required to draw this Paint by numbers apple glasses is less and one should be able to do this in under half hour. What you have to remember with this drawing is that the shape is more important than the gradients of colors. To maintain a sense of realism try to focus more on the overall shape than filling colors. Remember, glass is a hard material and as such the glass apples will have this property.

Glass apples have a hard material property

Here are the templates for the subject of the apple glasses that come in green, yellow and red. When doing the smaller details, zoom in with your fingers to get close. Make sure to check your work to see if the shape is as good as you can make. If you are not able to do this first time, simply try again. You can print out this work as described in my YouTube video here but it is good practice to do this on your phone or tablet.

Master template of the glass apples drawing & coloring:

Glass apples template for drawing and coloring (paint by numbers)

Completed drawing of the glass apples (used for reference):

Created with GIMP

Drawing with your phone & tablet

If you haven’t jumped into the bandwagon of using your tablets or phone for drawings, now is a great time as any. This is because the apps available for phone and tablets have become very versatile. The Paintology app which is available from the google play store is one such app. Taking advantage of the modern technology to bring the digital medium to many. If anyone has ever wanted to draw and paint but leads a busy life, this digital medium will show you how.

A perfect blend of drawing and painting methods for you to try on the Paintology app. This includes all the Paint by numbers subject shown on this site (link below) and other modes. The modes such as Trace drawing, Camera drawing, Pencil drawing are all available from this app.

Here is a quick link to go to the Paint by numbers section on this site.


Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!