Commemorate the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II – Paintology #9992

This is an easy drawing of the late Queen Elizabeth II in fond memory of her recent passing. This drawing was done on my Samsung Note 10 phone using a stylus and the Paintology Drawing App from the Google play store.

Once you have installed the Paintology app from the google play store, just open up this tutorial by going to video tutorials or search for #9992. You should be able to complete this drawing in about an hour. You can always pause your drawing, save and come back to it when you have some free time.

After you open the tutorial, you will see the template of the Queen in trace mode that you can use for the drawing. You use only the shade brush tool to do this drawing and just adjust it’s size and select the lighter tones over the dark background. That’s it!

Drawing this way, allows you to reach your goals quickly since you dont have to worry about proportions etc. You will find over time that drawing on the phone can feel as natural as pencil and paper. Also, you will learn the important and fundamental skills in drawing and painting. Try many of the other drawing tutorials from the Paintology app, there are over 400 hundred to choose from.

Trace drawing on Paintology to commemorate the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Paintology App:

The Paintology drawing is a versatile drawing app that allows you to draw in various mode such as pencil, trace, paint by numbers and more. This not only makes the drawing experience fun but it will also help you improve important drawing and painting skills.

The app is available for all Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google play store, links below.

Paintology App (Main)

Paintology Pencil

Paintology Paint by Numbers

Paintology Connect the Dots

Paintology Screen Recorder


Happy Drawing & Painting!

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