Complete this drawing of a waterscape scene – Paintology #10017

This is a great example of what you can do in the digital medium with your Paintology Drawing App.

The drawing of this beautiful waterscape scene was inspired by the watercolor artist, Javid Tabatabaei from his painting ‘Watercolor Seascape from Vancouver’. You can check out his video here…

I made the painting on my Samsung phone, using only the shade brush and the color palette. Here is the video the from the Paintology YouTube channel.

Waterscape scene drawn on the Samsung phone using the Paintology Drawing App

How to make this Painting on your phone!

We are going to do something different with this drawing. We already have an almost completed drawing of the waterscape scene made with the shade brush. Your job is to finish the drawing using the shade brush. In this way you can turn your creative ideas to a painting already made and you don’t have to spend hours creating it.

This is the beauty of the digital medium and it would be hard to do on the traditional mediums or rarely done.

Try to watch the video from start to finish to see how I go about ‘beautifying’ the painting, and then you give it a try!

You can get creative and do this painting as many times as you want, just save the drawing in the My Paintings section of the app.

Here is my version of the completed drawing (before and after).

Improve the painting – Paintology tutorials #10017

Drawing with Paintology App

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

This app encompasses all the features of the variants such as the pencil drawing, paint by number and connect the dots. You can start with the app variants provided below if you prefer pencil drawing or develop coloring experience. In this way, you develop the necessary skills to do advanced drawings and tackle the tutorials under that category.

Paintology App (Main)

Paintology Pencil

Paintology Paint by Numbers

Paintology Connect the Dots

Paintology Screen Recorder




If you want to contact Ferdouse Khaleque, the quickest way is to post on the Community section of the Paintology App and create a post putting hashtag #ferdouse.

Happy Painting & Drawing!

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