Draw a barbed wire with Paintology

There is never a shortage of subjects one can draw and this drawing of barbed wire is no exception. The reason for picking this interesting subject is because one can immediately see many values in the composition, for example, the shading of the wire and the dark and highlighted areas.

A barbed wire painted on a 32 inch tablet with Paintology

This is all good experience to become acquainted with the shading techniques and understand the latitude of values in your drawing. I used the ‘watercolor’ brush from the Paintology app to create this. The tool is no representation of the real watercolor it’s just a name given to a brush with unique characteristics. Too often we have people who just want’s to translate their skills in traditional drawing to the digital world. This is a wrong approach and one should not approach digital art this way. Of course you can borrow some of your skills in drawing, understanding of values, color, forms, shapes etc. These are more necessary skills that you can bring to the digital tablet world but that is as far as it goes. It makes no point to try and mimic the traditional world of drawing when you are in a perfectly different medium. Would you try and develop water color techniques to oil based painting, I think not.

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Happy drawing & painting!