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Draw a cute kitty on your phone or tablet | #6074

Most of us are very comfortable drawing with pencil and paper but with the recent explosion of tablets and phones, wouldn’t it be nice to do the same on those devices. Fortunately, you can now with the Paintology drawing app, which is freely available from the Google play store.

The Paintology app is somewhat different from the other drawing apps, focusing more on extending your artistic skills rather than inundating you with digital features. Paintology wants you to become a better artist and not a technologist!

With a surprising variety of tools and numerous video tutorials, you will quickly become proficient in using your phone or tablet for drawing. You will eventually give up the stigma associated with drawing in the digital medium and find this medium to be as versatile as any other traditional medium. After all, the Paintology app was designed by an artist for the artist!

In this series of ‘Pencil Drawings on Phones’, I show you how to create the drawing below that is hard to tell from an actual drawing on paper and pencil. The drawing is remarkably easier than you think and not requiring any digital effects except for the use of brush size and a whole dose of patience and creativity. The video will show you step by step on the drawing process.

Just download the free Paintology app on your Android phone or tablet from the Google play store and pull this tutorial into your drawing canvas and away you go! Use the link below to the locate the app on the Google play store.


Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!