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Draw a girl dancing | Paintology coloring | #7319

While we are getting into the dancing festivities of Christmas, why not draw this cute girl.

This is a fairly easy coloring exercise to do and is ideal for anyone starting out with the Paintology drawing app from Google. Depending on how well you do the edges, the final drawing should come out to your expectations. There are many drawings and coloring exercises to try on the Paintology app from beginners to advanced.

Turn your phone into a drawing canvas with the Paintology app!

The cute girl dancing template

Cute girl dancing drawing fun | Paintology

Completed cute girl drawing with choice of colors

You don’t have to stick to the colors shown on the featured drawing, you can try out your own variations of color. If you are feeling creative, why not go further and color the boots, faces, clothes, bangles and the arms and legs!

Simple cute girl drawing | Paintology

Here is a video of how to use the Paintology tools, quick and easy!

Learn drawing on your phone with this video from Paintology

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Try many of the other Paint by Numbers drawings with the Paintology painting app. After you install the Paintology app, they are all accessible from the home page by clicking on the Video Tutorials button.

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Happy Drawing & Painting!

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