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Draw & color Xmas lights | Paint by number | Paintology | #6622

Xmas lights exudes the spirit of Christmas, so why not color one yourself!

In this easy coloring exercise, you can produce a colored drawing of Xmas lights right on your phone. Catch all the vibrant colors of what makes Christmas. With Christmas not too far away around the corner what can be better to draw something to capture the Christmas spirit!

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy the vibrant colors of the light. This colored exercise will give you a warm feeling of night lights with the multi-colored led lights. It is fairly simple to do since it does not have straight lines or details like other Paint by numbers coloring kits.

Here is the template of the colored Xmas lights

Simple colors to do the Christmas lights in this exercise | Paintology

Complete coloring reference to do your Christmas lights drawing

Created with GIMP

From this exercise you learn the high contrasting colors that gives this image a sense of vibrancy. Also, since there are a few areas where accuracy is needed, this can be done by a beginner who likes drawing on their phones. You can make mistakes without spoiling the whole image.

If you feel creative, why not draw bright lights on black charcoal type paper. Check out this YouTube video below.

Christmas lights done with pastel pencils on charcoal black paper | Paintology
Creating background city lights | Pastel pencils on black paper } Paintology

You too can make creations like this on traditional medium with some practice using the Paintology drawing app in the Paint by number approach.

Try out many of the hundreds of tutorials with the Paintology app to take your drawing and coloring to a whole new level.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!