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In this paint by numbers of a hot rod car, we need a different approach to handle the straight lines of this car. You can use the freehand way of using the brush to do the lines, but it may be better to use the straight line tool. You can find this once you open the brush dialog box. Keep in mind that this tool is only available on the main Paintology app which is the full blown version of the Paint by Numbers app. You will be able to tell the difference by checking the play icon with the Main Paintology App having a brush and the Paintology Paint by Numbers app having a flower as a logo.

Paintology Paint by Numbers app:

Paintology Main app:

The full blown app (Main app) is a fully loaded app containing all the related courses and videos found in this website. For a newbie, it may be better to try out the Paint by Numbers to become comfortable and try out the Main app which also contains the following:

  • Trace Images
  • Paint by Numbers
  • Camera Mode of Drawing
  • Strokes Tutorials
  • Pencil Drawing
  • 3D Drawings
  • and more…

Drawing has never been this fun and enjoyable on your phone or tablet. The Paintology app was developed not to bring about another drawing app but an effective app that helps with your drawing skills. Some of us have spent years perfecting our drawing and painting abilities in the traditional medium but there is no equivalent in the digital medium. The myriad of tools in this medium designed for graphics artists rather than traditional artist have masked the true capabilities of the digital medium. Thankfully Paintology app has been designed with this in mind.

With practice with this app which has countless number of video tutorials, you will grasp the essence of drawing in the digital medium and expand your artistic skills in the medium without worrying about the tools. After all, at the end of the day, its not the carpenters tools that make him or her outstanding in the field, it’s the inner ability of the craftsmen themselves.

In time, you will have developed your creative skills in the medium with your phone or tablet and do your own unique works of art that you can print and share with friends and family.

In this Paint by Numbers of a hot rod car, we can try our hands in this lovable eye catching car that has been the passion of many car enthusiasts for over 50 years. My recommendation is to go slow at first and don’t try to get it all right at the first time. You can try out the simpler Paint by Numbers to become comfortable with the tools and your feel for the app. Make as many mistakes as you want, you can always try again, save your work and come back to it again or just start afresh.

If you are serious about improving your artwork in the digital medium, I would highly recommend to get a tablet and use a stylus for your drawing. No more days of looking for that pencil and paper when you have everything on your tablet that you can turn to whenever you feel like drawing and painting.

Remember also, my tips for becoming good at this popular craft, you need to give yourself time and expect incremental improvements to get you to your goals. Have a read of my article that explains and provides more insight into improving this popular craft that will stay with you for years to come.

Helpful tips to get into drawing and painting in the digital world.

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Here is the master template in HD (3412 x 2184) of the Hot Rod Paint by Numbers:

Created with GIMP

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Happy Painting & Drawing!