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Paint a woody scene| Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App

Some of you may have already installed the Paintology drawing app available in Google play. You might have gone through many of the Paint by Numbers drawings available there. Painting and drawing is a fun hobby and the skills appreciated by many.

Drawing on the Phone or Tablet!

Drawing & painting is now available for all tablets and phones, all you need is a whole bunch of creativity!

If you have ever wanted to take up drawing, now is a better time than any. Due to the proliferation of phones and tablets, you can now embark on this much loved hobby. Pick up your phone and it becomes a complete drawing canvas for you to practice drawing. In much the same way that you would pick up a paper or pencil to draw.

Think of this new medium for drawing and painting and it can substantially increase your art skills.

Myself included, I have turned to the digital medium and have made many drawings which you can find on my YouTube channel below.

Ferdouse YouTube drawing and painting channel – over 300 videos!

In this YouTube channel, you will find many videos of drawings made with the Paintology drawing app as well as traditional mediums.

Drawing landscapes can dramatically improve your skills in painting

It is no wonder that past great masters such as Turner, Constable, Monet etc. loved doing landscapes and there are excellent reasons for this. The reason for this much appreciated subject is due to the natural beauty of the scene which can be translated to the canvas with your own unique style. Landscapes do not require the same rigidity of drawing compared to say Portraits. In order to do good portraits, you will need to attain a good likeness to the original subject. Check out my method of drawing portraits using the triangulation method compared to Loomis approach.

A new triangulation method of drawing accurate portraits

Landscapes are very forgiving, allowing you to draw trees, fields, leaves in the manner you want it. This allows you more control over your painting and thus improves your craft.

Try this woody scene landscape to get you started!

In this Paint by numbers drawing/painting of a woody landscape scene, you can also embark on this great journey of art. Over time, you can develop your own unique style and who knows, you may develop a style just like Van Gogh!

When you do this painting, try not to focus too much on the details or exact placement. This is unnecessary and will make your technique more robotic rather than freestyle. Your first aim is to get a good grasp of the tools and then understand your weaknesses and improve on it. Don’t forget to go to resources online where you can read, watch videos of others to help you in this journey.

The paint by numbers way of doing, helps you to get quick rewards which can be important to some. However, like many accomplished artists, they view the long term practice of their craft to get to their goals.

Below is the master template of the wood scene of Paint by numbers. Feel free to print and use your favorite mediums such as colored pencils. Better still is to install the Paintology app and do it right on your phone or tablet.

The woody scene landscape by Paintology

Here is the completed painting which you should use as a reference painting when you do the actual painting. I often have the reference image open on another tablet when I create Paint by numbers drawings.

Created with GIMP

A final note

Like all skills such as drawing, programming, gardening, cooking, it takes practice and those who keep it up become exceptional in their fields. If you have followed any great artist, gardener or cook, tools are the means to get you to your goals. There is a tendency for many users who discover drawing apps for their phones to be too engrossed in the tools. At the end of the day, the tools should be under your control to make your creation. The tools themselves will not make you a great artist. You have to check out my photorealistic drawings that I have done with only one brush tool of the Paintology.

Depending on how far you want to go, you can do well by trying out this unique way of painting and drawing on your phone. Here are the links to the app.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!